Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Sharon asks…

How do I connect my bluetooth phone and bluetooth palm?

I have a Samsung Sprint phone that has bluetooth on it, and I have a palm Lifedrive that has bluetooth technology as well. I'm new to bluetooth and I don't exactly understand how it works. After I enable it on my phone and palm how do I get them to connect with one another? Once connected what does it allow me to do? Does bluetooth from my phone allow me to access internet on my palm when im not on my wifi at home? If they are connected thru bluetooth can I get text messages on my palm and responding to them from that?

Thanks in advance for all your help and explanations.

dknol answers:

You need to pair the devices. You do this on your sprint phone by going to menu-settings-bluetooth. Enable bluetooth and make our phone discoverable. Then search for your phone using your palm device. When your palm finds the phone you attempt to pair with it. A prompt comes up asking for the PIN number. Enter a 4 digit pin number (any number). Then on your phone it will prompt you to enter a pin number. Enter the same number as you entered into the palm.

What you can do with bluetooth depends entirely on what bluetooth profiles are installed in each device.

By the way, don't bother calling Sprint for support. They only support pairing with a bluetooth headset.

Lisa asks…

When a phone says its bluetooth enabled what does that mean?

I am going to buy a new phone but wanted to know what bluetooth enabled mean? What is bluetooth technology?
I don't even own a car, it just comes with the phone. It sounds like a speaker phone to me. Does it do anything else.

dknol answers:

Hi there

bluetooth enabled means the cellphone you are going to buy will have bluetooth installed in it.

Bluetooth – provides entirely wireless connections for all kinds of communication devices.

Bluetooth is a radio frequency based cable replacement technology. It is designed to be an inexpensive wireless personal networking system for all classes of portable devices such as laptops, PDA`s (Personal digital assistants), mobile phones and headsets. Bluetooth can also replace cabling in a more static environment i.e. Between desktop computers and printers. A device has to be Bluetooth enabled (i.e. Contain a Bluetooth chip) to be able to use a Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth is a device which you can transfer (data,photo,mp3,video)
to your mobile to another mobile & mobile to computer .But it is working for limited distance such as maximum 100mts

hopefully this helps you. If u need any help just email me and ill be glad to help you. And ill help you to pick out a phone too if you like

George asks…

Do I need bluetooth on my computer to download music to my Motorola Rzr?

Do I have to have some sort of bluetooth technology on my computer to be able to download music to my phone? i have bluetooth on my phone, but im just wondering if i need a dongle or not? thanks

dknol answers:

Don't bother with buying a bluetooth dongle and don't buy motorola phone tools. Just get a usb cable that works and download bitpim. If you have any problems go to or for the answer.

Some cell providers cripple their phones so you can't upload/download to them, the above websites should tell you how to bypass this

Thomas asks…

How do I send music from my laptop to my phone?

I have a Fujitsu Lifebook (A3130 Notebook, if that helps) and my phone is a T-Mobile Samsung Gravity. Both devices have bluetooth technology on them, and I just wanted to know how I send songs from my laptop to my phone. Thanks in advance!

dknol answers:

Hey Mate, you Have four ways to transfere music from your laptop to your phone ( From best to better )

1 – The cable which comes with your mobile, connect the cable to both laptop and phone, enter the definition CD and transfere whatever you want .. This is the best way because many softwares needs to be installed from a computer to the phone by he cable

2 – Getting a Card reader usb, in which you can put the memory card inside the card reader, transfere your songs, and then put it back into the phone ..

3 – Transfereing by using your Bluetooth in both devices, that will take time according to Bluetooth speed in both laptop and computer .

4 – Your last card is to upload the songs to any site like and then download them back from the internet service in your phone wether its GPRS or WiFi

Nancy asks…

How did Blutooth technology get its name?

Recently during dinner I asked my friends how did Bluetooth technology get its name.A guy answered that it is named after Mr Henry Bluetooth who invented the technology . Although I said it is named after an erstwhile King of Europe, the guy who answered the question stuck to his point and even lectured it to be invented and developed and promoted by a consortium of companies which is partially true.
but since my question is how the name originated I think he answered the question incorrectly on the first instance.
I need a opinion on this and also that he is straying from the question and filling in impertinent details although true but not necessary a part of the correct answer. He is deliberately filling in other details to prove that he is correct

dknol answers:

It seems that u are correct and not your friend.

The name Bluetooth is derived from the cognomen of a 10th century king, Harald Bluetooth King of Denmark and Norway from 935 and 936 respectively, to 940. He is known for his unification of previously warring tribes from Denmark (including Scania, present-day Sweden, where the Bluetooth technology was invented) and Norway. Bluetooth likewise was intended to unify different technologies like computers and mobile phones. The name may have been inspired less by the historical Harald than the loose interpretation of him in The Long Ships by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson, a Swedish best-selling Viking-inspired novel. The Bluetooth logo merges the Nordic runes analogous to the modern Latin H and B: (Haglaz) and (Berkanan). The logo is similar to an older logo for Beauknit Textiles, a division of Beauknit Corporation. That logo, using the connection of a reversed K and B for Beauknit, is wider and has rounded corners, but is otherwise the same.

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