Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Michael asks…

I have a Dell Inspiron 700m. Does it already have bluetooth technology in it?

I want to get a wireless mouse but would prefer one that I didnt have to plug the wireless recevier into my USB port. My laptop has an internal wireless card but I dont think thats the same thing as bluetooth, or is it.

dknol answers:

I don't think Dells standardly come with bluetooth. I know that it's different then a wireless port.

William asks…

Bluetooth Wifi Technology?

Would like to know some technical details of bluetooth technology.
Basically what exactly do you need to transmit data via bluetooth, does it have to be some sort of gps connection like a mobile reception or can it somehow be fitted into other hardware without any need for gps reception. Like you see bluetooth adapters and bluetooth printers..surely they dont need no network coverage.

Also does anyone know how much it might cost to actually install bluetooth into a new product? i.e. the hardware costs?

Same question for Wifi technology, what do you need for that technology to actually transmit data..again, is it some form of gps etc.


dknol answers:

Bluetooth and Wifi are wireless communication standards.

Bluetooth is for short range, less intensive and low energy requiring standard. Its used by wireless keyboards, head phones, mobiles, laptops and other such devices. Mainly for communicating small piece of data at a time. It also consumes less resources.

Wifi is long ranges, data extensice and high power requiring standard. Its hence used for wide area network connection and internet connection. Mainly used by smartphones, laptops and others for large data transfers.

Bluetooth adapters are pretty cheap, you can get a Bluetooth USB dongle for 2-5 $.

Wifil : you can install pci cards in laptops and desktops or USB dongles (30-60$) are available but they are a bit expensive but worth shelling out money. For wifi you'll also need your internet connecting modem-router to have wifi, you'll also have to upgrade it to one.

No, its not related to GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS is used for positioning and navigation, it uses satelites for positioning itself and maps stored in the GPS device for navigation.

Sandy asks…

Does the Acer Aspire 3650 Notebook have working Bluetooth and/or Infrared technology?

I notice that there is a switch on the comp. with the Bluetooth symbol. But when I press it, it just says “No Bluetooth Device”, even when I've put other, working Bluetooth devices in range. I also cannot find any supporting software of Bluetooth on the computer after I searched. And there is no “Bluetooth sticker” on the bottom of the comp. as the website suggested there might be.

dknol answers:

When it says “No Bluetooth” that means you do not have a bluetooth device setup with your computer's bluetooth. Set one up and it will be displayed there.

Betty asks…

any info on bluetooth technology/help with marketing project…?

I'm doing a sales presentation on bluetooth (wireless headsets and bluetooth, specifically) and i need to know the facts about bluetooth, how it differs from say, wi-fi, why it is useful, and any interesting facts most people might not know that i can put in a sales presentation. also, any sales figures or statistics about bluetooth or any websites would be great!

dknol answers:

Try the official site

or wikipedia

Helen asks…

can bluetooth technology be applied in media players such as mp3 players to allow file sharing?

handphones have bluetooth technology installed. can bluetooth technology be applied in other media players such as mp3 players to allow file sharing between users? any examples and details?

dknol answers:

Yes but it depends on the details of the Bluetooth implementation in the phone and the media player. I don't know of any media players with Bluetooth but if there was one, it would need a phone with matching capabilities. Many phones support Bluetooth headset and maybe transferring simple objects (contacts, etc.) but may not handle file transfer.

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