Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Donald asks…

What is bluetooth technology as it relates to laptops and cell phones? Serious answers only..please.?

I've been seeing it advertised, etc and want to know more.. will I need it when I go to a “hands free” cell phone?
Not related to that..what do we acquire with points we earn for answering questions???

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a technology that uses low level microwave broadcasts to link devices together.

Having a bluetooth phone allows you to go “handsfree” without any wires. This means you could have a bluetooth headset added to your bluetooth phone and once they are “paired” you can set them anywhere in roughly 30 feet of each other and they will still work.

Cars now have bluetooth as well which means you could use your car's speakers and stereo to talk on the phone. Bluetooth is fairly standard now and anything new usually comes with it so I'd recommend getting a phone with bluetooth.

You may not use it today but having the option will likely mean you use it in the near future.

Hope that helps,


Steven asks…

Does a Sanyo Katana have 1.1 bluetooth technology?

I'm trying to buy a bluetooth for my phone. I was considering this one

It's compatible with phones with 1.1 bluetooth technology but I'm not sure if thats what my katana has. Does anyone know if this is compatible?

dknol answers:

Yes it does I actually own a sanyo KATANA and it supports even 2.0 which is as high as bluetooth headsets go so yes basicly you can buy any bluetooth headset you want. :)

James asks…

According to you, won’t WiBree tend to kill the existing technology Bluetooth?

dknol answers:

WiBree is just a low power consumption version of BlueTooth. It uses the same protocol and transmission standards, just uses less power. So even if it is used it is still Bluetooth.

Jenny asks…

whats the difference between bluetooth connectivity and bluetooth wireless technology?

and if anyone has the samsung t429, which type of bluetooth does it have and can i connect with other fones and recieve music from them through bluetooth?

dknol answers:

There is no difference.

Connecting to other phones to share files and information all depends on your carrier. If it's verizon, hang it up. They disable it so that you are forced to go thru their services.

But i've transferred from T-mobile to Cincinnati Bell and etc. Basically you go to your bluetooth options, so that you can pair a new device.

Put the other phone in discoverable mode, search on phone one for phone two. Then pair them together. Then when you are done setting permissions. You can go to your files and chose options, send, via bluetooth.. Then it will search for paired or nearby devices.. Finds phone two and then u select it. And it should send.

You can usually only do one file at a time.

Lisa asks…

i need a 7 inch gps and navigation system with bluetooth technology and harddrive?

oh ya it can be touchscreen or remote control

dknol answers:

Check out the Alpine Blackbird.


Nevermind, you wanted a 7″ screen…


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