Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Betty asks…

I still don't understand how Bluetooth technology works. Can someone tell me in laymans terms?

I went through all the pages and I don't understand how it works or what it really is. Can someone please tell me in words I can understand.

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a way of wirelessly connecting devices over short distances to send data such as pictures, audio, and other kinds of digital information.

Many different types of devices connect to each other using bluetooth- including cellphones, computers, and palm pilots (and the like).

As an example, if your cellphone has bluetooth, you could get an earpiece to wear on your ear which connects to your phone through bluetooth to make and recieve calls.

Another example would be between your phone and a computer. If you had taken some pictures on your phone and wanted to get them on your computer, you might be able to connect using bluetooth to send the photos to your computer (but the computer must either have bluetooth built in, or you can get a little bluetooth adapter that plugs into USB for it to work).

That is about as easy as I can put it.

James asks…

Why is everyone obsessed with BlueTooth Technology?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is evil….EVIL! Mwaaaaah HA HA!!

David asks…

Why is IEEE 802.11 wireless technology able to transmit further distances than Bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a local device to device set up. It does not transfer internet signal, so the transmitter s designed o be some what week. Usually your cell phone and head set won't be more than a few feet apart, so why have bluetooth that will reach a range of 100gt? Also your bluetooth mouse, if won't be very useful if it's 30 ft ways from oyur laptop would it? So, 802.11b,g,and n are all designed to broadcast at longer ranges because they broadcast internet signals. The bluetooth doesn't broadcast internet signals. If you have heard this form osmeone, you have heard wrong.

Blutooth is designed to connect devices, similar to RF and IR, but it is much more accurate and constant than RF.

Hope this helps

Sandra asks…

what is bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a technology that employs radio waves and provides short distance communication between devices such as computers and other related devices.

dknol answers:


Richard asks…

Does my Toshiba Satellite Laptop, L350-20F, 2.16GHz with 17 Inch Display have bluetooth technology?

I have just bought this laptop and im still getting to know the features. . It would be great if someone could tell me if it has bluetooth?? if so would anyone be able to direct me as how to enable it??
Thanks for your time

dknol answers:

Nope. No mention of it under its product specs on the toshiba site:

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