Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

David asks…

communicating with bluetooth technology?

Is der any possibilty tat we can communicate(voice) between 2 mobile phones(say like 2 nokia which is S40 series) with bluetooth technology rather than callin de second number thru de GSM network??

dknol answers:

Yeah, but what's the point?

You're limited to a range of 30 feet or so, so you might as well just go over and talk to the person

Robert asks…

is there a new technology better than bluetooth?

I've heard from my Information Systems teacher that there was a recent development that is better and more powerful than bluetooth.

dknol answers:

Gosh i hope not i just got another new phone and dont want to upgrade again that'l be 5 in a year.

Nancy asks…

Why is Bluetooth technology named after king Harald 1st of Denmark?

I just don't get it!
the chip is totally wrong. There is a reason why they named after Harald the 1st, I used to know what it was, but now I have forgotten!

dknol answers:

It seems the story about naming it after the king is true, check out this link:

Sandy asks…

from where i can get info about bluetooth technology..?

i want information along with some pictures related to that ,
material for making presentation on BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY….
(like flowchrats showing how bluetooth works)

dknol answers:

Id say wiki as well, maybe look up some products read their info, can be found in laptops, headsets, phones etc
erm also google bluetooth for info, and for like flowcharts, google images.

William asks…

Can I transfer a cell phone's sims card to a phone that has bluetooth enabled technology and will it work?

dknol answers:

If it's a cingular phone

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