Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Helen asks…

bluetooth technology versus zigbee technology?

what the difference between bluetooth technology and zigbee technology?
which one is better for today's technologies?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth transfer rate is 1Mbit/sec and the range is approx 15 meters
ZygBee transfer rate is 20 – 240 Kbits/sec and the range varies from 10 to 100 meters.

As you can see, Bluetooth is much faster, but the distance is way shorter. Also, Bluetooth consumes more energy than ZygBee.

However, given that 90 percent of people haven't even heard of ZygBee, Bluetooth along with Wi-Fi is de facto an industry standard, so you should probably stick to Bt.

James asks…

What is Bluetooth technology?

cut to the chase.. I already am confused reading it on wikipedia.

dknol answers:

What is it? Well, Bluetooth is a two way radio communication system that allows two devices to exchange data over short distances. It can be used to transfer files between two cell phones or two computers or a cell phone and a computer. Most cell phones are Bluetooth enabled however, PCs are not usually so equipped. A USB radio/adapter/dongle can be purchased for around $30 at most computer stores for the PC and come with the necessary software/drivers for installation.
Hope that helps.

Mandy asks…

Where can I buy the cobra 29LTD BT cb radio with Bluetooth technology?

You cant get it from

dknol answers:

I want one too. I've heard you can order them from Canada, but I can't get any proof. My neighbor mysteriously HAS one but he won't tell how he got it. I called Cobra, they said they'll be available in June or so.

Lizzie asks…

how would i transition my company to bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

I honestly dont think it would be a “transition”. Bluetooth creates PAN's (Personal Area Networks) and are only about 10meters or 33feet at best. You'll only really have the best use in bluetooth headsets for the phone. Most cell phones these days have this, but i'm unsure about landline or VOIP phones. The data transfter with bluetooth is quite slow and not very secure at all. Hacking bluetooth phones has been around a long time, so i'd be careful of that scenario. I've had bluetooth headsets and everyone i called complained about quality.

So if you're looking to piss off customers and vendors to which they say they cant hear you. Or you get items you didnt want cause they couldnt understand or hear you.

All in all, i'd say stay away until its better. There is a reason bluetooth never went mainstream. And its been around for a very very long time.
The problem with bluetooth also is it consumes lots of power!

Hope this helps a bit.

Thomas asks…

what is a bluetooth technology?can anyone explain me in a simple manner comparing it with wireless network?

this is a interview question so please help me!

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a short range wireless protocol(Short distance wireless communication)

wireless-its a technology(in broader sense),where no wires used

blutetooth(protocol) comes under wireless technology – where communication is only for shorter distance

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