Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Jenny asks…

Do all gps recievers need to have bluetooth technology? And if so, how does GPS work with it?

dknol answers:

No, they don't.

There are 2 ways that GPS receivers can use bluetooth. First, they can send their audio to your bluetooth headset, instead of using the built-in speaker on the GPS. Second, they can communicate with a bluetooth-equipped phone. This allows you to call a business listed in the GPS directory (e.g. To pre-order a pizza) or get traffic reports, route closures, etc. Through your phone so that your GPS can plot a more efficient route.

Laura asks…

Does HP Pavillion dv6000 series offer bluetooth technology?

You know, to send songs to your phone and stuff.

dknol answers:

The Pavilion dv6000t is powered by one of several Intel® processors, including a Core™ 2 Duo capable of 2-GHz, while the dv6000z model offers a choice of several AMD Sempron™ or Turion™ processors. The Turion™ TL-60 is also rated at 2-GHz. Both dv6000t and dv6000z come with 512-MB of memory, with upgrades up to 2-GB available. The dv6000t Pavilion notebooks have 60-GB 5400-RPM SATA hard drives and the Pavilion dv6000z notebook comes with a 40-GB hard drive. Both can be upgraded to as much as 120-GB capacity hard drives.

Both models offer a choice of a Primary Super Multi CD/DVD optical drive with multi-layer support and Premium CD/DVD burner software. Both Pavilion dv6000 series notebooks offer a choice of Intel® PR/Wireless WLAN connections – one with Bluetooth® technology.

Thomas asks…

what is one positive/one negative about bluetooth technology?

what would you say?

dknol answers:

Positive- it's free so instead of paying to send a pic or song on your phone through text, you could send it via bluetooth for free. However you must be in close proximity in order for it to work

negative- it's an open connection. Bluetooth is perhaps the least secure connection you can have

John asks…

How do I know if I computer has Bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

It'd say so with a small label on the cover, and probably have a small flashing LED somewhere on the exterior of the case.

Lisa asks…

Iam hearing words like bluetooth technology and black berry technology?

what is the difference between these two?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is a radio communications protocol commonly integrated into modern mobile devices such as PDAs, cellphones and even notebook computers. It operates at 2400MHz – 2483.5MHz spectrum–the so called ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) band.

Common practical use of Bluetooth technology among typical users of mobile devices is exchanging files such as photos, wallpapers, songs, ringtones, applications, among others.
Some people also love hooking up their mobiles to Bluetooth wireless handsfree kits.

Blackberry refers both to a service technology and hardware (handsets) established, manufactured, developed and owned by a Canadian firm Research-In-Motion. Service-wise, it is a type of push-email technology, by which users can send and receive emails as easily and as instantaneously as they would SMS messages from and on their handsets. In order to use this service, one must also use a Blackberry-capable handset. And thus, the Canadian firm also manufactures some Blackberry-branded handsets to allow the use of such services, as well as offer licenses to other hardware manufacturers, software developers, and service providers who wish to provide another type of Blackberry support dubbed the Blackberry Connect.

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