Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Jenny asks…

I need to know how I can get an interview on Bluetooth Technology?

Interview online

dknol answers:


Robert asks…

what is bluetooth technology?

exactly what is it? and please explain it in easy terms. All i know is, I can get something for my laptop, and would go in a usb port and I would have bluetooth technology?

dknol answers:

Basically bluetooth was originally created for short range wireless transaction. First introduced for cell phones to have wireless headsets or ear buds connected without wires. Now bluetooth is used in cars, computers, cell phones, and more technologies coming out to connect to one another for communications purposes. I sync my cell phone to my laptop and transfer files back and forth. Adaptors are available that just plug in to the USB port of a computer and allow it to have bluetooth capability, however with bluetooth there are speed and distance restrictions, normally it only transmits up to 20 – 30 meters.

Donald asks…

how do i send and/or recieve media files via my bluetooth technology on my motorola Razr v3m, i have verizon?

i have verizon wireless. mostly want to send/recieve ring tones, songs, pics from my friends phone they have metro pcs

dknol answers:

On verizon wireless phones you cant transfer any type of file thrue bluetooth. You can however send them as a text message.

Sharon asks…

What is the difference between Bluetooth and Infrared technology?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth is radio frequency

IR is infra-red technology

James asks…

What is the difference between Bluetooth TECHNOLOGY and Wi-fi TECHNOLOGY?

dknol answers:

They are simply two different methods to transfer data via wireless conectivity. They will work in the same environment, but seperately. Bluetooth is for shortrange items, such as keyboards, mice, cameras, phones, etc. WiFi, or 802.11, is for longer range network type connectivity.

Bluetooth was originally supposed to be super cheap and easy, though that didn't pan out. 802.11 is now as cheap if not more, and easier than Bluetooth so Bluetooth seems to be growing, well, long in the tooth… He he

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