Your Questions About Bluetooth Technology

Robert asks…

Can some one explain “BLUETOOTH” Technology to me and will it work with anew acer notebook?

I want to get a small wirelss headset/mic for VoIP for my notebook, but I have been living in a cave regarding Bluetooth.

dknol answers:

BlueTooth is a radiowireless method of transferring data. It aims to replace cables.

Here are some websites that explain what BlueTooth is:

BlueTooth will work with any computer. However, if your computer doesn't have a BlueTooth antenna built-in, you will have to buy one.
Here's a good one:

Donna asks…

What is the difference between Bluetooth technology & Infrared technology?

dknol answers:

The simplest and quickest explanation is.
Blue-tooth uses radio waves. Like a small radio station and radio receiver, in order to transfer data both ways.

Infrared uses light (in a wavelength we cant see) to transmit and receive data.

Infrared is line of sight, which means if you block it by holding something between the 2 devices they can't communicate. (See each other)

Bluetooth being radio waves can go around and through some objects.

A few further details:
Both of these devices generally have a very limited range of 3-30 feet.
Generally Blue-tooth is very encrypted, meaning once set up to communicate back and forth between 2 devices NO OTHER device can connect to their private link.
With Infrared generally, if you are in a room with many people and they all have their Infrared devices out you can communicate with any one of them if they speak the same computer language.
As an example a room full of Infrared Palms will communicate with all the others in the room (that can see each other) even though you only meant to communicate with one other.

In both a transmitter and receiver are required at each end to communicate back and forth.

Nancy asks…

is it true about bluetooth technology?

A friend told me that if you swith your bluetooth on while driving, police radar gets scrambled and it will not register how fast you are driving. Is it true that bluetooh blocks radar guns?

dknol answers:

Bluetooth technology is for short range communication. The Bluetooth headsets people usually use are in class 2. It can work in 33 feet range. The signal does not have enough power to travel from your car to the police radar gun and jam the gun.

Sharon asks…

What is the difference between Bluetooth wireless technology and Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology?

looking at some phones on and I notice a few of them say this..

Also, I already know what a bluetooth is….

dknol answers:

With just bluetooth technology, u can only use a headset to talk and listen to the other person, but with a STEREO bluetooth technology, u can even listen to music and songs, and also talk and listen to a person. Hope this helps

Sandra asks…

What does it mean if a phone has bluetooth wireless technology?

Does that mean it has internet connection when you get it or just the capability to have it one day? I want a phone that I can get the internet on, and do you get the full internet? Thanks!

dknol answers:

No bluetooth is that little earpiece. Almost all phones have internet but you pay monthly for it. I know all verizon phones have internet.

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