Your Complete Puppy Training Schedule By Age

The easy way to an obedient dog.

In this video clip, I'm going to show you a pup training schedule by age, so you can plan your training sessions with your new young puppy! Did you understand that a young puppy's brain is completely established by the age of 7 weeks? That means, by the time your puppy prepares ahead home with you they prepare to learn! Recognizing where you must be with your training can be practical. It is really more crucial to understand where you are with your very own pup in regards to progressions, but having a straightforward overview that permits you to schedule your puppy training can be an excellent way to determine your development!

Is your young puppy OLDER Than 3 months? This video clip is for you:

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Pet Crate Training A Young Puppy:

Dependable Skills With The T.R.A.I.N. Approach:

Pup Biting Playlist:

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00:53 8 Week Old Young Puppy Training Set Up
06:16 9 Week Old Pup Educating Tips
09:10 10 Week Old Pup Educating Tips – 16 Weeks Old
14:03 Young Puppy Handling Educating
20:44 Showing Your Puppy Their Name

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