World of Warcraft – WoW MMO Recorded Livestream 2

World of Warcraft MMO – Playing WoW dungeons, quests and pvp of all levels and classes. Join the Blame the Controller guild on Burning Blade by simply reques…

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19 Responses to World of Warcraft – WoW MMO Recorded Livestream 2

  1. wahsnoday12 says:

    GIVE IN?

  2. generalfrito says:

    read the info
    “Join the? Blame the Controller guild on Burning Blade by simply requesting on the guild tab.”

  3. ThaFreakyBoy98 says:


  4. Fr0st179 says:

    where is the facecam at? i liked that…. next will the? facecam be back next steam? i would like that.

  5. GenesisV5 says:

    Same here XD?

  6. alex fiantaca says:

    Are you only doing live streams the updating them to you? tube

  7. Joe Poole says:

    Going to be a good series, make sure you? keep it up :)

  8. TanteKurti says:

    yeeeah… it’s terrible? :(

  9. sameo1000 says:

    I know that you are only wearing cloth looms for the xp boost but please, please, please BTC. If you’re going to tank even a level 15 dungeon pleeeaaasse wear a shield and 1h. It reduces so much damage even at low levels. Makes the healers job? much much nicer especially if they don’t have looms themselves, regardless of their game experience.

  10. TheGamingWizMC says:

    How? can I join ur guild

  11. ?irts ?ev?ns says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I`m playing wow :D?

  12. TheAmazingDGM says:

    So much temptation to get back into? WoW… must… resist…

  13. GamingDiversion says:

    You? just? did.

  14. Wouter Jonker says:

    Second Livestream and? I missed both…):

  15. jayslayer09 says:

    Nice? vid man

  16. Blackopstroops says:


  17. sebastian pettit says:

    3rd then

  18. Luka debakker says:

    @Sam? Thank you

  19. Sam Mcdougall says:

    Just going to put this here so no one can say? first. >:)

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