World of Warcraft – WoW MMO Ep 14: Maradon Purple and Orange

World of Warcraft MMO – Playing WoW dungeons, quests and pvp of all levels and classes. Join the Blame the Controller guild on Burning Blade by simply reques…

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13 Responses to World of Warcraft – WoW MMO Ep 14: Maradon Purple and Orange

  1. Grewlan Imagineers says:

    yay, i’m the 100th like somehow^^
    I really hope you continue because i realy love wow and seeing someone
    rediscover it was very entertaining :3
    I would join, but you’re on the US servers and i dont like leaving lvl 1’s

  2. ZombieTaco514 says:

    Haha it took me a sec to realize that you uploaded the second half first to
    avoid the annoying comments. Well played sir, well played.

  3. Julie Bee says:

    I keep watching these WOW episodes over and over..Lol. Please keep them
    going, Btc!

  4. Unnamed Gaming Channel (eventually) says:

    Hey btc are you excited for the next expansion?

  5. themadmammal135 says:

    Hmmmmm have the comments gone back to normal

  6. yuval aziza says:

    Warlords of Draenor ! next expansion. :)

  7. CraftyGuyMiner says:

    Hate that dungeon its so boring.

  8. Jonatan Gannemo says:

    do you have a mount?. if so use it

  9. pe2013pr says:

    wheres batman ao new episode?

  10. itsThecorps11 says:

    3 rd comment yes!

  11. MegaBladeBreaker says:

    1st comment

  12. Cole Norton says:


  13. DeadlyLazyGaming says:


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