World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinect using FAAST and OpenNI

We are developing the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), which is middleware to facilitate integration of full-body control with games and VR applications. FAAST currently supports the PrimeSensor and the Microsoft Kinect using the OpenNI framework. In this video, we show how FAAST can be used to control off-the-shelf video games such as World of Warcraft. Since these games would not normally support motion sensing devices, FAAST emulates keyboard input triggered by body posture and specific gestures. These controls can be dynamically configured for different applications and games. FAAST is free software that uses the OpenNI framework ( We are currently preparing the toolkit for an open-source release. You can download FAAST at: ————————————— Evan A. Suma, Belinda Lange, Skip Rizzo, David Krum, and Mark Bolas MxR Lab: Institute for Creative Technologies University of Southern California

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24 Responses to World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinect using FAAST and OpenNI

  1. Nicolas Lavoie says:


  2. TheOnakah says:

    thhats so fcken awesome, imagine a? monk with that

  3. Deajea13 says:

    PLEASE play or try a monk with that!? It would so cool.

  4. Micah Fisher McNeilly says:

    “No, I didn’t? mean to place Hand of Protection on the tank, I sneezed, I’m sorry.”

  5. yakimms says:


  6. ninjakitty11000 says:


  7. TomaszInn says:

    A little movement? for nerds :D

  8. Isabelle Thomas says:

    wont be many? unfit gamers out there now:D

  9. Icebullet13 says:

    could be fun in PvP. caus if you whant to nuke a? target down you kinda have to ‘dance’ xD

  10. xxTHExLEGITxx says:

    Ya because I’m sure you’ll be able? to do that Bursting… Like PVP as a lvl 90 rogue O_o

  11. matteo galeotti says:

    on level max char you need to press like? 3 spell? per second, with that software u seem like dance a crazyhell dance

  12. Leeri Travis says:

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  13. easygamesinfo says:

    F*ING AWSOME soooo gona get? kinnect!!!

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  16. Jack Sparowde says:

    Awesome!? Finally ive? got my? Spectral Tiger Mount
    Thank? you so much!
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  17. Austin Smith says:

    No longer will nerds be really fat haha? :D

  18. fulmetal2b says:

    Bonjours je fait des? video sur tout les donjons de wow vien t’abonner commenter et dire ce que tu en pense =)

  19. willouuuuu says:

    merge it with a peregrine controller and you’ll have a real way to cast spell with the? hand

  20. iseeredppl says:

    this is? the most unnecessary thing i have seen in my whole life

  21. ruach12355 says:

    Royksopp – It’s What I? Want

  22. ceetboy1 says:

    What’s the beginning of the song name? called?

  23. Michael Beattie says:

    looks? cool, but seems like a lot of effort for a more cluncky experiance im sure one day it will be perfected :)

  24. thinkjeknexus says:

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