World of Warcraft …wha huh?

There is no way. “I'm the lawgiver” Heh.

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24 Responses to World of Warcraft …wha huh?

  1. gimmy bro says:

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  2. killerstorm2 says:

    Check out “Hailan? Rising”! No? Grinding!

  3. Lionsx24 says:

    I am the lawgiver! That never? gets old X’D

  4. Dan Ungureanu says:

    wow :)))? is beatufel

  5. stumppdawg says:

    Are you serious?!?! You guys have nothing better to do than play video games and? watch YouTube…wow

  6. tylerscott301 says:

    Wts “Glyph of the? Lawgiver”

  7. Giorgi Khetsoidze says: Best Fun Server? There Is

  8. Leeri Travis says:

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  9. Butler Arthur says:

    Toyota? tacoma in wow??

  10. ????? ????? says:

    Would? been epic if u could do this :/

  11. 30201065 says:

    NO RISK Play Online -? YouTube

  12. Anthony Alex says:

    Best World of Warcraft? Hack + Video !

  13. TheGamingThings says:

    World of Warcraft would be good if u could? do that :) LOL

  14. DanTheEnigma says:

    I would totally? play WoW if I could do this.

  15. Matias Rømer says:

    will never get old?

  16. MetalacBezRuzine says:


  17. keyboardarctica says:

    You’re the one going around on videos commenting on how much of a fag crush you got on a fucking game. Everyone can? see all your comments on your profile, Mr Canada.

  18. lildontayman says:

    Shut? up no life cunt

  19. keyboardarctica says:

    What the fuck? Cod players are the worst? fanbase people on earth, fucking faggot. The only people to bitch about every other game because they can’t be good at anything else than a shitty run and gun FPS.

  20. Deathzone4ever says:

    really? a truck

  21. lildontayman says:

    Only no lifes play this gay shit atleast cod people are? dope enough to say nigga

  22. manakdijepihewjwjwq says:


  23. fulmetal2b says:

    Bonjours je fait des video sur tout les donjons de wow vien t’abonner commenter? et dire ce que tu en pense =)

  24. Wally West says:

    point and click cod or 50 button game of skill? hrrmmm hard choice. ?

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