World of warcraft swifty warrior questions 2

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25 Responses to World of warcraft swifty warrior questions 2

  1. hildorf1 says:

    What server do you play on?

  2. luisjosp5 says:

    @mpplasticpose only arms got screw I think xD

  3. RollingAussenseiter says:

    whats that for a screen? O_o
    102% epicness…

  4. Arathar23 says:

    addon for the rend and? mortal strike at 0:24?

  5. Arathar23 says:

    addon for the rend and? mortal strike at 0:24 ?

  6. mpplasticpose says:

    iam sure swifty is so mad right now cause blizzard screwed warrior up

  7. Tommen1994 says:

    Are you playing on a TV or a PC screen. Great vids btw :-)

  8. xripzzz says:

    what server do u play on? Plz Answer

  9. kejin002 says:

    The lowest price ,the best service ,all kinds of items are just ,calling you …
    ?RS2sale ? com?

  10. komersitiviti says:

    I want one mouse i subscrbe u :D

  11. MrJdmjerry says:

    @jumpremix4x Why not?

  12. olentattimies says:

    get spell reflect macro, then macro to back to 2x 2handers, charge in no combat, but if in combat it auto maticly uses intercept, you can get this stuff from arenajunkies

  13. Hoursunend says:

    Razor is gaming!

  14. markelwell91 says:


  15. jumpremix4x says:

    Swifty why are you night elf for pvp?

  16. slasher0161 says:

    Shame with this video is that a shaman or paladin will win it hands down on val 10m when solo healing it, not the most fair design but hey

  17. zamsar69 says:

    Aprendan Ingels xD

  18. copyrighthe says:

    sube un video en espaƱol porfavor

  19. ItJustifiesMyMeans says:

    addon name for debuffs on your screen?

  20. hammonb1221 says:

    what is the addon that shows what debuffs he currently has on his target?

  21. Maladath says:

    You really know your way around building excellent gaming PC. Respect.

  22. wildcats122448 says:

    Have any macros for Fury warrior on the keyboard i could use?

  23. superrobbie12 says:

    addon for the rend and mortal strike at 0:24?

  24. InfiniteRecon says:

    Hardstylezz <33

  25. xxBMX69xx says:

    @Azzon555 skateing

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