World of Warcraft movie

This is a fan made movie by Martin Falch. I am just sharing it with you guys.

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25 Responses to World of Warcraft movie

  1. Necro Mancer says:

    Rexxar? <3

  2. James Mckinley says:

    all the feels in? this movie

  3. SuicideOnAlexandria says:

    no one? misses that shit hole

  4. Secundinius says:

    I? miss the old Orgrimmar…

  5. bluebird says:

    ghost love score ? by nightwish :)

  6. MrKillabeez666 says:

    at 46 minutes i was waiting for? the 9 tails to show up xD

  7. firebolt100 says:

    Trust Company – Downfall

    I’m surprised nobody else recognized it.?

  8. firebolt100 says:

    I love how it turned into Naruto at? the 45minute mark!

  9. TobiSan92 says:

    this is pretty? amazing, good job!

  10. 9amoon1 says:

    very good movie i appreciate the effort taken to? make it

  11. Ali Baba says:

    Ghost love score -? Nightwish

  12. Solstice239 says:

    Apparently the U.S. isn’t allowed to watch? the video

  13. jorge zapata says:

    hello I congratulate you? for the video, I wanted to ask what was the name of the song you put at the end 1:26:13

  14. StealthyWarlock says:

    so much great epic music themes in this ?

  15. StealthyWarlock says:

    This movie would of? been 10x better with non american accents

  16. Clay West says:

    Didn’t know any one would make a movie for World of Warcraft ha but good!?

  17. Tim Kesler says:

    Wow, pretty damn good for a fan made film. Must’ve take? a long time to put something like this together. Little crude, but still, pretty good.

  18. Lucas Godt-Hansen says:

    Love the scene? with the female night elf archer (can’t remeber name). With the music fitting perfect – Great!

  19. Liam Rydehäll says:

    that choise of musik? it was the tereble

  20. Ninyth SpaceCadet says:

    fake and? gay

  21. legion16114 says:

    whats the name of the song at 1:17:00 holy shit no one knows?

  22. Dmorrow76 says:

    two thumps up man im sure a lot of work? whent into making it it is def worth watching thanks for taking to time to make it

  23. Thomas McCain says:

    I like this movie. But damn, is them maker one hell of an? anime fan.

  24. Delon Marijnissen says:

    on the end of the movie,Ghost Love Score Nightwish!?

  25. Delon Marijnissen says:

    on the end of the? movie.
    Ghost Love Score Nightwish!

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