World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria – LIVE STREAM W/ Chaos & Elop06

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25 Responses to World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria – LIVE STREAM W/ Chaos & Elop06

  1. ryanjblasi says:

    Your amer SUCKS you need 1,000 helth?

  2. ryanjblasi says:

    I have a hunter level 50 his name is rjb?

  3. VIVO70RGP says:

    you suck as shit
    it? all about allaince

  4. gggggiiiirrr says:

    I feel like? im watching dora when you ask where the boat is

  5. gggggiiiirrr says:

    Watch ima get bitched at but no this game doesnt get old on rp realms cause theres never? to much lol

  6. Rajko Dragic says:

    What? is that server ?

  7. daine parry says:

    the graphics arent to? good

  8. James Ancilleri says:

    hey i love your videos? make more

  9. Marcelo Esteban Mauricio says:

    Add? me capturedHD, player level 4 character name Crisscross

  10. leg3ndx60 says:

    Are hored allowed in alliance turf like can hored be in stormwind no? rite?

  11. Bejrix Bejrix says:

    Hi guys… I have a problem.. i buy a new wow MOP and i must have? a 4 DATADISC ?? I have only MOP i doesnt have datadiscks.. And server name ??

  12. WoWMistsofPandariaXL says:

    Pretty cool! I’m enjoying? the action.

  13. Julio Cantillo Moreno says:

    Ostia un justin?

  14. devilabd says:

    A….A…..ALLAINCE!!! D: The Video Will Be Better If U Made It Horde :P But Anyways Gj Nice? Video Better Be A Horde……(HORDE)

  15. Aizek Akai says:

    why are? you asking so many guys to JOIN YOUR GUILD! …………

  16. Aizek Akai says:

    what about wow crendor ? he makes wow vids and there very? funny

  17. Aizek Akai says:


  18. piV787ZA says:

    We actually saw your email when you were? dc’ed

  19. dayananmojica says:

    that is skyrim? :

  20. destroyer5140 says:

    hey jacob you moron tamriel is the elder scrolls? series not the world of warcraft series

  21. lepechrunguzzz says:

    that is skyrim? you retard

  22. miloXz5 says:

    spolier? alert!!!!

  23. landdemon99 says:

    hes talking about skyrim?

  24. capturedHD says:


  25. IronRinoxbox73 says:

    hey dude what server u on i wanna see if you would play with me

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