World of Warcraft BigBlueDress

World of Warcraft Music Video

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25 Responses to World of Warcraft BigBlueDress

  1. jack aron says:

    hey check this? out how to make 30,000 g per day,,completely? on auto pilot —–> watch?v=3aKDCbTdrbY

  2. Almroymarth says:

    Wasn’t Phenixx? the cancer kid from awhile back that voiced one of the ogres in TBC?

  3. buhlayke says:

    Ahh back when Azshara was a higher level zone, so much change ;_;?

  4. Henry M. says:

    For anyone that misses? classic WoW, I highly recommend EmeraldDream(dot)com = free classic WoW server.

  5. xDylanh says:

    How is vanilla was? 2004?

  6. Vakry says:

    Yeah, i still think WoW and Blizz? are still great!

  7. Vakry says:

    miss them days :'(? makes me sad

  8. cloeluvsu says:

    Totaly? just love the game !! – gamer chick

  9. whitecow13 says:

    was* an amazing? game ;)

  10. Bob Sagget says:


  11. steve rosinski says:

    likewise, it? got me to switch from an ele sham

  12. GlinkLegend says:

    Was great* was? amazing*

  13. adventure299 says:

    Blizzard succeeded at making the game? that many tried and failed to create.

  14. TheBlackYankees says:

    I agree but they went from pure epicness to great. People act like just because it isnt what it was in vanilla, that it? can’t be good whatsoever but when you are that good, you can suck a bit and still be good. Its like money, if i tell you i’ll give you 10 billion dollars but only end up giving you 6 billion, you probably won’t complain too much.

  15. tauryus1 says:

    Ca? c’était le bon temps, où on oneshootait les mecs avec un cc à 1.4k
    Depuis Wrath of the lich king, je trouve vraiment que ça part en cacahuète :s

  16. thetrollerofalltrolls nope says:

    w w w dot wow-one? dotcom <3 <3 <3

  17. SomePerson2314 says:

    Blizzard isn’t what it use to be? anymore =(

  18. RealPsojed says:

    Well, then come and re-live them again. There are private servers? out there, I will play on one named Kronos. They have a great promotional video watch?v=YCYjvm8A3Y8&hd=1 so check it out and decide for yourself ;)

  19. ??????? ????????? says:


  20. JuJu84B says:

    I hope? that’s sarcasm

  21. CodTheBoyz says:

    i would have been dead if there wasnt vanilla servers out? there

  22. Chris Gilmore says:

    These was? the days…

  23. purplepenquin says:

    864 guys like wearing dresses

    (NTTAWWT, of course)?

  24. MrXiphoner says:

    ah,? memories.. <3

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