World Of Warcraft Addict returns After Three Years.

This is the story of a World of warcraft addict who returns to the game for one last look after three years away. He also looks at how this game cost him a p…

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25 Responses to World Of Warcraft Addict returns After Three Years.

  1. botorchicken says:

    Oh man the crossroads battles… or traveling to the plaguelands litteraly fall from the flight straight on rogue daggers?

  2. Trubbiish says:

    Are you dumb or something? They can see the logs of your character. If they (the hackers) sold all your gear and messaged your gold to a character GMs can see it. And they will send you all the gear and gold back.. I got hacked and got? all my stuff back.

  3. TheSamuraiRabbit says:

    “I? blame Warcraft for that, you bastard!” love that quote!

  4. SathFireTV says:

    100% scripted?

  5. nFract says:

    “THE THIEVING FUCKING BASTARDS!” I am? crying, too funny!

  6. Sam Handy says:

    lol “grewast scott”

  7. David Williams says:

    Would it not be easier to have a password to access your back and if you want to? enable it, an inventory pass?

  8. Axel Ljungqvist says:

    “I picked a herb Guys!” lol,? so fucking funny xD

  9. Lee Wells says:

    You mean gms actually helped you with? something? After playing for 8 years they haven’t done a damn thing for me worth a shit……

  10. domonationtv says:

    whats wrong with you? just play goddamn stop acting like a child and saying oh im not coming back just play

  11. EliteCross465 says:

    haha i? used to be on Stormscale aswell lol

  12. Eli Algranti says:

    Come on; it’s called a metaphor.
    It is like saying:

    “Her smile is the sunshine to drive away the darkness of my soul.”

    Which just means:

    “when she smiles it makes me? happy”


    “when she smiles a nuclear reaction takes places fusing hydrogen atoms into helium and emitting energy which illuminates a not clearly defined immortal representation of my self-awareness”.

    because that makes no sense.

  13. Mackscorner says:

    A drug is a substance so it’s impossible, I was simply comparing it to? an addictive drug, my choice of words was not good. That does not mean it’s not as addictive as some drugs.

  14. ShauniNonomori says:

    You say WoW? is a drug in your video.

  15. Vanquinho says:

    “I don’t remember raping? giraffes, guys…”

  16. nitin kotwar says:

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  17. Hayden Ross says:

    they sent my stuff in the mail after i was? hacked.

  18. Mackscorner says:

    I did ask them to send? them and I got them all back, this video was made before I asked Blizzard.

  19. RandomlyLegend says:

    I think this is faked anyway, they don’t ‘send’ you your items in the mail after a hack and? even if they did he could just ask them to get his items back now.

  20. RandomlyLegend says:

    He wouldn’t be a millionaire by now, anyone? who boasts about that is an idiot. Just a lowly pathetic nerd.

  21. Patrick Hansen says:

    Obviously you sound well unreasonable on this area.?

  22. Fantômas TheLordofTerror says:

    22:15 haha? this part startled me.

  23. Autokeybot says:

    You may have been “one of? the first” tubers, but you know competition would have come anyway.
    Loads of youtubers are now competing for this market and only the X-factor determines if you will be succesful or not.
    Look at Pewdie, probably one of the biggest. He has a clear profile, he’s funny (if you’re into his antics), the girls love him (big market) etc.
    Do you have what it takes?

  24. orchidmaze says:

    Your commentary is so funny! Love it! :D?

  25. Iyiouseismouse says:

    Sigh… so… did it not dawn on you to? be the pioneers of wow videos… then you could have had it both ways! *wow 9hrs a day… work day over!* spend rest of day w fam. Anyways great vids!

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