7 Responses to What happens if i merge a World of Warcraft account?

  1. Lily Mueller says:

    I don’t think so .

  2. Stacy says:

    No; you will have two separate WoW accounts to log into. Even using the same email address doesn’t merge the accounts. To move the character to one account you have to do a character transfer from the second to the first that costs $25 per character. I don’t think you can transfer off a trial account so you will have to purchase the full game for the trial before doing the transfer.

  3. Chaim Pitt says:

    You mean the role of the separation ? separated the role need a CDKEY, if incorporated into your account, that time will disappear

  4. Zenkai says:

    No what happens is, when you log in your account it will give you an option to select which account you want to play, the characters will not merge into one account. How ever if you wanted to waist your money you can transfer your one character to your main account but a lvl 10 character wouldn’t be worth the money

  5. Parker Elliott says:

    i want to do the same

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