What Does It Mean When You Lost Something Near Your Crush’s House??

My friend I I were riding bikes, and she fell and scratched her knee really bad near the street taht her crush live on. And then we had to stop to rest becuz her knee was hurting, and I tried to find my Mp3Player to see what the time was, and I couldn't find it. I went back to look for it, and I found it on the street behind where my crush live. I didn't put much thought into it, though when we got home, my friend putted a bandage on her knee, and she said, “Face it, mother nature just doesn't want me to go near Sam(her crush), and don't want us to be together. Well, what does it mean when I dropped my Mp3Player and had to go back to get it, and it was near my crush's house??

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6 Responses to What Does It Mean When You Lost Something Near Your Crush’s House??

  1. Gipper says:

    It really is a coincidence and without any special “vibe” or meaning…..

  2. everybody should be happy says:

    that means that your mp3player happens to fall near to your crush’s house. there’s no meaning in it. sorry.

  3. Marcii;) says:

    maybe you guys just did it on purpose without even knowing. this is kinda weird…but cool!

  4. astrogir says:

    It means you’re spending too much time stalking your crush.

  5. humming scallion says:

    lost, fell, scratched, hurt.
    why else do you think they call a ‘crush’ for?

  6. Piscea says:

    I know you probably want to find meaning in it, but there is none. You just dropped it where you dropped it.

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