“What can we expect in the future of WoW?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

Should we get rid of LFR? Dailies? Could Pet Battles be better? 5 man dungeons — are they ready for a comeback? Here's your dose of speculation, dreamery an…

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24 Responses to “What can we expect in the future of WoW?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

  1. Erick Marshall says:

    What i really miss in WoW? is the traveling to the instance and actually talking with the people in my group…

  2. Rajeev Gain says:

    @xhqnhib yeah thats what everyones been saying and dude! if your getting bored of this then check out this? online game ==> goo.glLFnjWS

  3. iluvmypet says:

    World of Starcraft
    World? of Warcraft 2

    where ?

  4. Jorge Stevenson says:

    Totally agree man! How can anyone enjoy those awesome old dungeons when by the time the finish ONE dungeon they are 2 levels higher! I have so many fond memories of running? low dungeons again & again!

  5. Unworthy Ofmyname says:

    Discuss on? seperate vanilla servers? :p

  6. Unworthy Ofmyname says:

    Make heroics actually difficult again. Never nerf heroics because people? are so sad it’s to hard.

  7. Angelo Angelis says:

    I think locks should be able to heal?

  8. NotSafeInPublic says:

    I love your analogy of LFR. While it is great for those who don’t have the time to commit to? set raid schedules, or can’t find a guild who can fit your hours, it does destroy the motivation for trying to get into normal raids. What I’d like to see is LFR availble only to previous tier content. MoV is not available for LFR until Heart of Fear is released, then HoF is locked from LFR until ToES is released, and so on with the final raid always locked from LFR.

  9. MesaTheinsane says:

    lol? cataclysm was the big fail, not MOP… it actually made me play again… idc about panda’s, there is alot to do again… while half cata i spend in orgrimmar

  10. MesaTheinsane says:

    i’ve had the same idea, though with soloing low lvl raids… make it a competition, beat your own times ect,? like dungeon challenges

  11. omallykaboose says:

    pet battle idea brought in on timeless isle, sorta

  12. Rob C says:

    bring back old? ZA and ZG

  13. aamorfati says:

    I? think a solution to LFR and normal raiding is to make the bosses in LFR mini bosses within the same raid tier. In another sense, add small but different bosses with reduced difficulties in LFR so when you finish those mini bosses, you advance to normal bosses.

  14. Taylor Jenkins says:

    Easy solution they won’t do. Make the game harder. In every possible way.. Stop making? a game for 12 year old girls

  15. 3waybar says:

    we had alternative gear progression in Vanilla, with BIS varying according to spec and? other gear ( Pandaria is 100% item lvl )

  16. Ioandar says:

    for me blizz took away the journey. I would level for 6 month in a well done world with well done quest? and adventures than doing 1-90 rush to play current wow-endgame. but thats only me… thanks for your great vids. i like them very much!

  17. Natsu Dragneel says:

    About the additional specs per class i do believe it would actually ruin the game more, as a BILLION of crucial lore aspects would actually collide and most of them just simply would work, from a lore perspective. Although the lore is harder to understand now days it’s still very potent if you take the time to read it, they just need to explain it? better within the game. Everything so far has mainly been linked together properly. As deathwing was making his brood larger WAY back in evenVanilla

  18. Natsu Dragneel says:

    Vanilla’s instant? runs were long o.o and so where TBC’s, some of them were fricken hard as hell!

  19. Coliin LiveviL says:

    Im glad? my comment stood out to you…
    But fuck you and everyone that liked your comment cause their all WoW panda loving faggots just like yourself. lmao

  20. MrDaemonic666 says:

    I think MoP was a way of expanding the lore in-game without using the existing story or making a warcraft 4 rts. Hopefully MoP ends up opening the gates to include even more new lore that is relative to it, like starting a new storyline rather than telling us the story we already know from the RTS games, it? might later prove to tie in with the original storyline more than we think or it could expand the warcraft universe all on its own, so lets not tell Blizzard to fuck off so early.

  21. A Black Guy Talks Games says:

    I’d really enjoy having to travel to places in order to queue. Kind of like in Runescape where minigames require you to go places in? order to participate. I’d also like more cool things hidden throughout the world. No idea how they’d make it difficult to get them so everyone isn’t running around with them, but you get what I mean. I just want a reason to explore. I hate seeing some cool structure off in the distance only to be rewarded with enemies half my level walking around.

  22. A Black Guy Talks Games says:

    >Hate panda-people
    >Say nothing about cow-people

  23. Coliin LiveviL says:

    lol you’re one pathetic piece? of shit. That’s for damn sure.

  24. vigge87 says:

    Thank god there? are private vanilla servers, apart from TBC, everything in wow has gone downhill.

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