Warcraft – Cataclysm Vashj’ir Playthrough Part 32: It was all a dream *smug face*

Simon and Lewis play through one of the new cataclysm zones, and kill many hundreds of crabs and naga and sharks and serpents and sea maggots and turtles and whales and seahorses and orcas and eels and fish and crabloks and murlocs and weird murlocs and more naga and more naga and collect a thousand varieties of meat and giblets and slimy goo and shark teeth and ancient pottery and coins and treasures and seaweed and kelp and TV licenses and utterly enormous shellfish.

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25 Responses to Warcraft – Cataclysm Vashj’ir Playthrough Part 32: It was all a dream *smug face*

  1. skateyasha1 says:

    Hello,? Gamers. Look at your house, now back to mine, now back at? your house, now back to mine. Sadly, it? isn’t yours, but if you stopped playing overrated FPS’? and started playing Minecraft, it could look like mine.

    Look down, back up,? where? are you?? You’re in a mine that you built with? your? own hands!

    What’s? in your hand?? I have it. It’s a pickaxe made from stone. Look again, THE PICKAXE IS? NOW DIAMOND!? Anything is possible? when you? play Minecraft!

    I’m on a? pig


    Smug face

  3. rvnbld says:

    @IIlidanStormrage Yeh, I know :) Also at that time mobs in that area were quite the hard-hitters. Especially those damn crabs.

  4. IIlidanStormrage says:

    @rvnbld You’re still a moonkin and the armor gain has been nerfed.

  5. IIlidanStormrage says:

    @Hutchingsj12 GF I think

  6. Lemileant says:

    enemites? is that like vegemite?

  7. DIchronicaddict says:

    Warning, SPOILERS at 3:30+

  8. Hutchingsj12 says:

    Is Hannah his sister/wife?

  9. woodesroger says:

    7:13 classic simon <3 and love the doors reference simon :)

  10. woodesroger says:

    7:13 classic simon <3

  11. soadnairsoft says:

    What Simon was really saying at 3:57 was:
    It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up Magazine
    Salt n’ Peppa and Heavy D up in the limoziene

  12. samurai3219 says:


  13. Linkachu007 says:

    @rvnbld DKs are un-vincible

  14. rvnbld says:

    Hey, I was amazed how a DK tanks all those Kvaldir. Tried to do this as Moonkin. Mass-pulled them Kvaldir, crabs and a couple of other evils with Starfall. Then they descended on me like iron filings towards a magnet. They interrupted my tanking and killed me.

  15. uberpwnage94 says:

    IS the title a biggie reference?

  16. DAVEPOWNSYOU says:

    hey jw i you guys are liking the leveling in cata. and it seems like it takes ridiculously long to level

  17. TimBitnumvids says:

    is the music the in back the vashj’ir ambiance?

  18. XCalibrez says:

    Ahaha “Jizz In My Pants” reference :D

  19. A4P4P3R says:

    If you’re playing at 1280×720 then how is the video 1080p?

  20. Ricarmar says:

    Keep up with the good work guys . :D

  21. Nabuji says:

    @BensPetPlatypus Beta characters/items are not ported to live

  22. cremekongen1705 says:

    The Doors ftw! :D

  23. bantuatha says:

    @We1chy NO PEELZ FOR YOU!!!!!!

  24. olhakio says:

    @BlueXephos do not forget the yogpod!

  25. hahavimse says:

    @BlueXephos like the weirdness especially ! :D

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