Visual Art – Hobbs – World of Warcraft

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25 Responses to Visual Art – Hobbs – World of Warcraft

  1. roflwhatatube says:


  2. razamaer says:

    @ode4951 rly?????

  3. ode4951 says:

    @wowplayer800 no it wont cause the big door is a door the STV how I know? cause there is an exactly same looking big door in STV

  4. Drakonmage says:

    @ian91997 would be sooo epic if it was some secret room

  5. SoulavardProductions says:

    blizz should make hobbs a questgiver

  6. deathsession6x3 says:

    Blizzard owes it to hobbs to put him somehwere in cataclysm as a tribute! :) hail hobbs

  7. Appel97 says:

    hahah you gotta be Hobbs to think a pull is beautiful :D

  8. DeadlySlob says:

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  9. WolfyPain says:

    Hey guys hobbs here back in deadmines
    And you’re like werent we just here in the last video?
    Yes we were.

  10. Brennay says:

    Figurine of the Colossus

  11. ekoglen says:

    What where that trinket named?

  12. ian91997 says:

    omg! i totally thought that door would go somewhere.

  13. ode4951 says:

    any1 ever noticed the 2 giant doors in front of the defias ship and wondered where they lead? well they lead to STV Stranglethorn vale it STV the is other 2 giant doors and those are the same

  14. zXxSinDitxXz says:


  15. mtggamer4 says:

    its going to 85 in cataclysm, duh.

  16. JonGre93 says:

    @WorldOfWarcraftlol1 I know. I never said he wsa hardcore

  17. Tortak39 says:

    I pulled A LOT of Uldaman the other day and the dmg off my Holy-Ground gave me lag lol

  18. Tortak39 says:

    How do your holy lights heal so much of your hp? Mine heal like 25%

  19. Tortak39 says:

    you cant pull all of Deadmines because of the doors? So your killing the bosses?

  20. WorldOfWarcraftlol1 says:

    lol, he is a casual not hardcore (hobbs)

  21. MarvinsDadd says:

    4:43 is butiful. and TBager1964 it only going to 85.

  22. TBaker1964 says:

    It’s sad to see James go, he motivated me to make my Pally and take it to 80. Maybe he’ll be back when we go to level 90.

  23. Nolldam says:

    Ownage _Å

  24. pureheebo says:

    its instance. In instance mobs will follow you until they die.

  25. iceman590444 says:

    how do u keep them following u they guve up on me and run back to wher they were?

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