Unboxing – iPod touch + Setup

My iPod Classic was starting to die. I have been meaning to upgrade to an iPod touch since the third one was released. I finally decided that I would wait for a 5th generation iPod touch. So I waited until september and of course there wasn't a new version. In this video I will be unboxing a 32GB Black iPod touch. Please don't call this an iTouch (pervs these days). When setting up the iPod, I found that iOS 5 made setup super fast. What took me the logest was realizing that I was entering the wrong WIFI credidentials.

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25 Responses to Unboxing – iPod touch + Setup

  1. Elise Ellefson says:

    i hate the white one? too!!

  2. cheeks453 says:

    Im getting the same one with 32gb and 4 gen and? black!!!!!

  3. sheldon ries says:

    like really?

  4. sheldon ries says:

    i really want one like really want one?

  5. erica11cool says:

    ha ha ha he is like i hate the? white one and then he is all sorry dont judge me i hate the white one. did anyone catch that?

  6. TechTubeCentral says:

    my regular tripod wouldn’t work for this video. Problem fixed in future? videos. Thanks :)

  7. OnlyForMyComments says:

    your camera? is WAYYYY to close to your hands. i cant see shit hahaha. but besides that good video!

  8. TechTubeCentral says:

    Where does it say anywhere that this is the 5th generation model?? This video is titled “unboxing – ipod touch” if I uploaded it before the 5th gen came out obviously it wasn’t on that model. The new one has a brushed aluminium back. You can check out my channel if you want to see the 5th gen unboxing

  9. dchoffners says:

    Thats the fourth generation ipod touch not the fifth generation ipod touch, there is silver color on the back of the 4th gen and on the 5th gen hard plastic.?

  10. ghostcj81 says:


  11. TheCandycorn99 says:


  12. TechTubeCentral says:

    my bad. Misspoke. Meant to say white?

  13. TheCandycorn99 says:

    4:25 …?

  14. gurjodh924 says:

    Should of? waited to get 5 gen

  15. peter evans says:

    Black? apple items minus iPod 5g +iPhone 5 are fingerprint MAGNETS

  16. codesapptrailers says:

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  17. 12pitbullmassive says:


  18. godofgoons100 says:

    @Ashley Lui? I am, but a Fifth Generation

  19. latrel phillps says:

    three words: like a? boss

  20. Ashley Lui says:

    Like this? comment if your looking this up because your getting one soon…..

  21. iRandomDevice says:

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  22. 512coins says:

    i thought so. apple comes? up with odd products sometimes like a smaller ipad, like the larger one was so big you couldn’t handle it.

  23. Hannah Barton says:

    oh my you need to shut your mouth and do a little mor concentrating? on th iPod.

  24. Maria Mukhamediyev says:

    I? love white!

  25. Smemily Simmonds says:


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