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What Mp3 Player Will Last 5 Days With Minimal Charging?

My choir is going on tour, and I don’t feel like lugging around my laptop to charge an mp3 player. Which MP3 player would be able to last the longest? I only plan to listen to it on the bus, … Continue reading

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How Long Will All The Patches For World Of Warcraft Take?

I’ve been trying to download all the patches for world of warcraft and it’s been taking forever how long should it all take?

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The Red Light On My Coby Mp-c552 Mp3 Player Will Not Come On When Its Hooked To My Pc. How To Fix This?

When I hook my coby mp3 player up into the usb slot, the red light won’t come on. I sync music to it with Windows Media player, but all Window Media player says is to connect a device. Usually my … Continue reading

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My Car Mp3 Player Will Only Recognize One Album/folder On A Disc That I Burned 3 Albums To?

I have a Ford Expedition 2007 with in-dash mp3 player…I burned 3 albums to a disc in mp3 format. My computer recognized them and will play all 3. My dvd/mp3 player will play all 3. The in-dash in my suv … Continue reading

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Can Someone Edit My Project Playlist Link So That It Will Show Up Invisible On My Myspace?

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