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How Come When I Plug My Ipod Touch Usb Adapter Into My Ipod And Into My Xbox, Nothing Happens?

How come when i plug my ipod touch usb adapter into my ipod, then into the xbox 360, nothing happens? I want to listen to my songs on my ipod touch, but nothing shows up o the screen, please help? … Continue reading

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When You Buy An Ipod Does It Come With A Like 30 Day Free Trial Gift Card?

cuz, i got tons of songs, like 700 (which is a lot for me) and i put them all on my phone (so i don’t have a iPod or mp3player), and well i was thinking about getting one (iPod touch) … Continue reading

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When Embedding A Band Player Elsewhere, How Do You Make It Non-autoplay?

Here is a MySpace Band player code. It is currently set to autoplay. What do I need to change to make the player NON-autoplay (so it has to be started manually) <!– Oops! In order to listen to this, you … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean When You Lost Something Near Your Crush’s House??

My friend I I were riding bikes, and she fell and scratched her knee really bad near the street taht her crush live on. And then we had to stop to rest becuz her knee was hurting, and I tried … Continue reading

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