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How to get ipod touch to not be recognized as camera?

I’m trying to get songs from ipod to computer, to do so i need the folder of the songs. But the ipod is recognized as a digital camera how do i change it so it’s recognized as an ipod touch?

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How Do I Get My Ipod To Be Recognized On Itunes When It Is Plugged In The Usb?

whenever my ipod nano gets plugged into the USB it shows that it is charging but never shows up on itunes. Also I think the inside of the ipod where the USB goes into the ipod is bend because whenever … Continue reading

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My Creative Zen Mp3player Isn’t Recognized By My Pc..?

I got a Creative Zen mp3player but it quit working after a few days. I returned it and got another one of the same kind. The brochure instructed not to plug in the device until the software was installed. The … Continue reading

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Why Is My Insignia Mp3 Player Not Being Recognized On My Computer And Asked For A Disc Software?

I tried to download songs on my insignia mp3 player but it does not recognize the player only my other mp3 player. Can someone help?

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