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Skype Ipod Touch 2G VOIP guide – How to use internal speaker with mic plugged in

This shows you how to use skype as an effective VOIP phone, and also how to use the ipod touch’s internal speaker even when a microphone is plugged in. THIS WAS DONE ON 2.2.1 firmware, I don’t know anything about … Continue reading

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Why does my iPod Touch start playing music by itself when I have headphones plugged in?

When I plug in a specific pair of headphones, and I awaken the iPod, my music starts playing. I have a 2nd generation iPod touch running software version 2.2.1. How can I make it stop?

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How Do I Get My Ipod To Be Recognized On Itunes When It Is Plugged In The Usb?

whenever my ipod nano gets plugged into the USB it shows that it is charging but never shows up on itunes. Also I think the inside of the ipod where the USB goes into the ipod is bend because whenever … Continue reading

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