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Heavy Mental Music

Heavy Mental Music Think listening to classical music will improve your focus? Well, we’re putting this theory to the test. BRAIN GAMES AIRS MONDAYS at 9P.

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how to download music from youtube to your mp3 player

in this video we will show you how to get music for free from youtube and put it on your mp3 for this you need a mp3 player that does NOT have a flash drive … [eba kw=”mp3 player” num=”1″ … Continue reading

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How to Transfer Music from Ipod to Itunes Library

Have your ever wanted to get music from an iPod to your iTunes? Here is how. Watch this video and learn how to transfer music from an iPod to iTunes in 6 min… [eba kw=”ipod” num=”1″ ebcat=””]

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How can I share music with another Ipod but keep podcasts completely separate?

I have a 4th generation Ipod Nano. I have very little music on it, however I listen to many podcasts. My boyfriend now has an Ipod Classic. He will download a lot of music and wants nothing to do with … Continue reading

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How do I transfer all my songs on my Ipod to my Itunes library?

I want to restore my Ipod, but that will delete all my songs on my ipod. So before i restore it, i want to transfer all my musid from my Ipod to my library. My library no longer has the … Continue reading

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