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Review – Microsoft Zune HD, is the Zune dead?

Here is my review / thoughts on the Zune HD guys. It’s an excellent music player, possibly the best MP3 player out there. But because of the lack of support … [eba kw=”zune” num=”1″ ebcat=””]

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Destructoid – World of Starcraft! Dead Space Dragons! And DUKE NUKEM 4EVA!!! – Destructoid

DESTRUCTOID 0042 Duke Nukem Forever is really, really REAL this time, and it’s coming out May 3rd! How about that for a piece of news on this Friday? Sure, we knew it was resurrected by Gearbox and coming to PC, … Continue reading

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Dead iPod Song (featuring iJustine)

FREE mp3, lyrics, chords and more below: What should you do with your iPod when it dies? Watch and find out! Thanks to Iresq.com for all the iPods and for helping make this video possible! www.iresq.com Thanks to iJustine (tastyblogsnack.com … Continue reading

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