Skill Saw vs iPod Touch (5th Gen)

We sent the 5th Gen iPod Touch out in style with a skill saw! Check it out! Don't forget to subscribe, like us on and follow us…

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25 Responses to Skill Saw vs iPod Touch (5th Gen)

  1. FrStProductions says:

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  2. Luka Lezhava says:

    why you;re doing this? :@

  3. vicente s says:

    how could you a starving poor african child would have eaten that

  4. Saraj msn says:


  5. flyguyee says:

    That’s not a Skil saw. It’s Craftsman.

  6. leomines567 says:

    Now I won’t get an ipod

  7. UnexpectedHouseguest says:

    That’s a chop-saw…

  8. José Álvarez says:

    More like the gizmo slip terrorist

  9. OreoLivesOn says:

    yea, they could have each had an ipod to use

  10. OreoLivesOn says:

    do they look like kids to you?

  11. OreoLivesOn says:

    who would want an ipod with a cracked screen?

  12. leonardo sadewa says:

    Why you not just give it away

  13. Oliver Jia says:

    Nooooo!! *hugs iPod*

  14. mohammed fawaz says:

    Agreed Bda

  15. BDA Cooli3 says:

    This was painfull to watch

  16. BDA Cooli3 says:

    How rich are you parents?!?!

  17. Gabby Rinaldi says:

    It would be so cool to keep the half…

  18. Daniel Clifford says:

    Noooo I want

  19. HamsterLover859 says:

    Never get an apple product again. That is just a waste… Imagine if the
    apple company saw this.

  20. Parker Sandvick says:

    are you being serious

  21. Liam Grey says:

    iPod: no no please NOOOOOooooooop

  22. xxSquazzYxx says:

    Is that a minicon shirt?

  23. kelly328kw says:

    Why do they pay soo much for apple then just destroy it????

  24. 15Vandorp says:

    Just a heads up that’s a miter saw, not a skill saw. Sorry had to point it

  25. Desmond Anthony says:

    I’m an android user watching this xD

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