“Should LFR be removed from WoW?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

Flex mode – has it taken over the friends & family duties of LFR? Are gear drops the problem? Has the audience for LFR become so niche that it's not even wor…

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25 Responses to “Should LFR be removed from WoW?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

  1. Nulsich says:

    And who says that casuals wont adapt to a harder game? Humans need a
    challenge. I started out as casual, i had no brain and knowledge about this
    game. My interest got awakened and it snowballed me into a semi-hardcore
    gamer. I wanted to achieve something others didnt. Don’t be so soft because
    of money, money always kills everything, keep to a concept. You see all
    companies as amateurs in the start, and when it goes big they become too
    aware of what people want instead of keeping to the concept that actually
    made it popular, it wasnt the ass kissing that made people get addicted to
    the game.

  2. Nulsich says:

    YES, Remove LFR!
    Or atleast do not make it obligatory as the only way to gain purples so
    you can progress into real raids. Do so that the more hardcore players can
    get items from dungeons that are better than LFR. LFR is killing my spirit
    for this game.

  3. Austin Nickerson says:

    in thunderhorn realm there are like no guilds that raid. I have been moving
    guild to guild that say they raid but they raid once like every 2 months
    or longer I want to raid weekly

  4. lefty3213a says:

    Im in between casual and a hard core raider. And I personally love LFR it
    gives me a crude understanding of the fights so that when i am able to find
    the time to raid with my guild i have a basic grasp on the fight mechanics.
    When LFR first came out I did it all the time and i was raiding with my
    guild weekly till we all hit max IL. Then life got busy so I do LFR so i
    can experience the content and get betterish gear and then if i have the
    time i will still run the normal raid with my guildies b/c i enjoy raiding.
    We just aren’t a hard core get this raid done ASAP kinda group. At this
    point LFR is better than when it 1st came about since ppl cant roll on the
    same piece every single time they are in it. But sadly i think if they
    ended up getting rid of it i would loose all incentive to play the game.
    There wouldnt be any point in my leveling to max just go gear up my
    character in heroic dungeon gear if I couldn’t then go on and raid when i
    have the time.

  5. Heidi Hurt-Stix says:

    I am a casual player, very casual. I love LFR….I love being able to see
    the lore. To see the fight…yes I am aware that many others in LFR are
    carrying me…but I got to see the fight! And now that I did it once…I
    will not bother doing LFR and go back to farming rep and flying around org

  6. Viktor Grabovski says:

    Why does a casual need gear progression if they’ll be stuck doing nothing
    but lfr. Shove your entitlement up your !@# and take 20 minutes to
    thoroughly read your spell book and perhaps a guide on which 3 buttons to

  7. Earthquakeize says:

    My only problem with LFR right now is that im required to play it to even
    step my foot into flexmode. because all i see in trade is “LFM flex SoO 530
    ilvl req” or something impossible to get without grinding lfr for weeks.

  8. Adam Sterna says:

    LFR today is for bad players, not casuals. I consider myself casual, i
    don’t have time to play all day, but i still like content to be challenging
    and to encourage teamwork. Just have LFR for normal mode.

  9. Kyle Venglar says:

    i’m just still mad that i ran dragon soul every week in LFR for the full
    set of paladin gear because i loved it so much, but then pandaria hit and i
    never got my shoulders.

  10. Emil Elander says:

    I have pretty much maxed out my gear and the only way I’ll ever upgrade is
    if I join a guild and start raiding for real. The only problem is, there
    are no fucking guilds. Seriously, everyone in the chat is just spamming
    about selling pets and “LFM 2s or 3s u need 621iLvl and 3.5k++ rating!!”.
    Seriously, I’ve been trying to start raiding, but it’s just so fucking
    impossible to do.

  11. mdmyer says:

    With the loss of community, the game loses all of it’s flavor. You might as
    well play a console game offline if you want to play games by yourself. WoW
    has begun to feel an awful lot like playing with a bunch of bots. It’s just
    not fun when the only people that interact with you are insulting you or
    bragging about how high their DPS is.

  12. Vecner Summers says:

    The perfect expansion would be either the hoard slowly going back to normal
    after siege of orgrimar or the burning leagon in AZEROTH NOT OUTLAND

  13. Theodk55 says:

    I agree with what you had to say about LFR. I am a student and work so I
    can no longer raid, but I love the lore so I do LFR. But you are right, it
    is toxic as hell. I would like to see them either make LFR do-able as a
    solo scenario, with no gear, no title, no achievement even, just the chance
    to see the lore. I also think you are right about it deflating 5-mans, I
    miss Cataclysm heroics at launch where 5 mans were good enough end-game
    content for most.

  14. Kakapo121 says:

    Some people (like me) does not care about loot but only the lore and being
    a part of that lore. I for example don’t grind daily quests that i have all
    ready done just so i can get a better chance at piece of gear that is going
    to be useless in the next patch.

  15. Kakapo121 says:

    Tbh i like LFR i only play Wow for the lore and story so it is nice to be
    able to see the boss fights and feel that i completed the story without
    being forced to play with people that i don’t want to play with

  16. Gnomefro says:

    Ultimately, raid guilds need an overall state of the game that attracts
    enough players so that there is a recruiting pool as well. LFR is great for
    this as people in worse guilds can progress in some way even if they are
    stuck on encounters in other difficulty levels.

  17. Gnomefro says:

    The rewards in LFR are way worse than in normal and heroic. That’s why you
    see heroic geared players completely dominate LFR meters when they go
    slummin’. However, LFR does allow Blizzard to capitalize on its investment
    in R&D as more people can experience the content. It also allows people to
    practice and become familiar with at least some of the mechanics in a less
    lethal environment such that they’ll not be completely unprepared if they
    pug normal or flex.

  18. Bryan Gabbard says:

    Elitist nonsense. LFR is a vital part of the game for those who play casual.

  19. FilipSvenne says:

    People just want free-epics for barely any effort paid into things.. is it
    that hard to understand?

  20. BrunoJMR says:

    a good way to deal with the problem of LFR being a required step to gear up
    for raiding would be to have the gearing options “branch” at max level: you
    can go do max level dungeons, scenarios and world bosses to get gear for
    LFR, or, after doing those dungeons, scenarios etc, you can go do heroic
    dungeons that are really challenging in terms of tactics to get better gear
    than you would in LFR, so you can gear up for normal raids without having
    to go through LFR spoiling the experience

  21. BrunoJMR says:

    3:00 i’ve been saying that for so long!

  22. darkfire8008 says:

    Warforged/Thunderforged should only be 1/4 tier higher.

  23. darkfire8008 says:

    Cont.- This kind of scaling, at the very least, should remove the content
    burnout due to having to raid LFR or flex just to get into normals by
    keeping each raid tier it’s own TIER. Also with my example in previous
    post, you’ll only go up by 58 Ilvls between all the raids instead of 100+,
    not counting the Ilvls from leveling(which over the process should be only
    2 tier from previous normal raid worth itself). Allowing for less “growth”
    in stats. Which IMHO has gotten way out of hand.

  24. darkfire8008 says:

    Gearing through LFR and dungeons should be scaled better and more linearly
    because I’ve noticed a lot of times that many require you to be at least
    LFR geared to do normals. Then with the introduction of flex require you to
    be at least flex geared for them now. I say scale it via 12 ILvl
    increments. I’ll use 450(dungeon gear) as my start level for point.
    Including flex ilvls

  25. Matt O'Malley says:

    The hardcore base now has an additional thing that is required. Especially
    w/ 10man where BiS trinkets can go months w/o being seen.

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