Serenity Now bombs a World of Warcraft funeral

A girl who played World of Warcraft died in real life and the friends she had met in the game planned an in-game funeral for her. They posted about the event on the message boards and urged people not to bust it up. I don't think I need to explain what happened; the video speaks for itself. I didn't make the video. I just uploaded it.

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24 Responses to Serenity Now bombs a World of Warcraft funeral

  1. graypaws72 says:

    Nice fallout new vegas reference Oxi.?

  2. legomaster2227 says:

    They are stupid because? if they restart and they get found then their DEAD!!!!!!!!

  3. Joe Noneya says:

    wow used to be? cool.

  4. Omgllovejesusjokes says:

    Death? at a Funeral : D

  5. TitanJAG says:

    This is why the? Horde are now a “We have everybody” group :P

  6. Oxiproproxide says:

    War…War never changes. ?

  7. Kranv1s says:

    Brb? ima grab something to eat

  8. OGyomofo says:

    hahaha like last scene in Godfather :D death on funeral mwhahahaha? genocide

  9. TheChristianmw says:

    They did post guards, but? the guards was busy killing people flying in at Everlook just north of there.
    Serenity ran all the way from south felwood to the funeral :)

  10. graypaws72 says:

    Fraps is older then this video bud. As to the people killed, they acted so surprised…? Seriously, you are online, e-tards abound, they should have either posted guards or done it in a safe zone.

  11. jjenjr says:

    If you were having a funeral for a person in the middle of a warzone you cant really complain that? theres a bullethole in the coffin

  12. LyarkTV says:

    Maybe I should have said fraps? how it is now, the quality was nowhere near as good, there was no 1080p or even 720p like there is now.

  13. ibbyparrot says:

    Yes – at 7:25 in the credits it says “Special thanks: Naxir? for fraps”

  14. LyarkTV says:

    Do you? think we had stuff like fraps in 2006?

  15. abeed87 says:

    if i decided to have my funeral in the middle of a war zone then they deserve? it

  16. abeed87 says:

    Well mb next time you? wont do this on a pvp server?

  17. jakeproper says:

    I probably wouldn’t care, being dead and? all


    am i the only one here that doesn’t find this funny at all but really disrespectful? a person died. those people didn’t know her in real life but still wanted to pay respect. i’ll run to your funeral shit on your face in? the coffin. see if you find it funny then

  19. blissnabob says:

    This is horrible. Just an awful thing to do. And yet I can’t stop? laughing.

  20. DevoMagicMan619 says:

    see? this is wat happens when u play horde. u get? ganked by alli bitch

  21. Paulie88888 says:

    So? much nostalgia…

    And dem addons

  22. whitecow13 says:

    unfortunalty , 99 % of the wow player r douchebags now ;( ..

    => No REWARDS ? i’m not doing tht fun thing , i don’t get anyting for it , i gonna do a pug and my dailys !!

    you? : ‘-.- … what happend with this game?

    i’m right , no ? :)

  23. ILOVEAMERICA74 says:

    SO EPIC!?

  24. RummerChan says:

    Considering? the age of this video, it could be worse… much worse.

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