Robot Chicken: Zune Man

Steve Jobs is visited by outdated superhero technologies.

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25 Responses to Robot Chicken: Zune Man

  1. stubobbyo says:

    Too? zune, too zune…

  2. RandomPerson8492 says:

    Joke’s? on Jobs, I have a Zune.

  3. Jacob Tyndale says:

    lol, i love? the Zune!

  4. Demcalor says:

    that’s true…though every time you try? it goes to that 1% that doesn’t

  5. Torterra625 says:

    Not according to this? Game Cube game I have

  6. JSchroet says:

    99% of? the time yes.

  7. tykingable says:

    Oh…i have a zune? hd…

  8. kfshotgunmaster says:

    yes, but your storebought will work with only? small scratches, the really good ones are owned by libraries.

  9. Zippy Ragu says:

    Only if the scratches are thinner than a? strand of hair.

  10. y05077 says:

    Well lets find out. *snaps cd in half*…no, no they do not.?

  11. Toad Phillips says:

    I just listen to music on my Droid? is that ok?

  12. rebornl says:


  13. meragan12487 says:

    Not that? I remember

  14. Stupidtigerz says:


  15. otakumike2006 says:

    Zune kicks IPODS Ass….I have a Zune and a proud owner at? that…

  16. Rob Cypher says:

    Actually, the last major releases were decent; but MS blew it with the previous mediocre designs, as they? were trying to play catch up with the more popular iPod from day one and their initial releases were much clunkier in nature, I’ve heard.

    I like my 32 GB one; it’s definitely adequate enough for me and even though it’s a few years old, it beat the hell out of those cheap ($15-20) knockoff (4-8 GB) ones made by Chinese companies like Coby, and other producers with similarly ‘inspired’ names.

  17. 13lackk9 says:


  18. garysmodmaster says:

    zune is better then ipod and it cost? less

  19. prickly10000 says:

    Apple still sucks?

  20. MaronaPossessed says:

    not only that…zune is made? from microsoft

  21. nmdiesel89 says:

    Idk why every one hated the zune, I love mine. I bought an 8 gig ran out of space back in 08, gave it to my mom, and bought a 120 gig, went to some pretty crappy parts of the world with me and lived. then bought a 64 gig hd and gave the 120 to my mom again. all three of them still work perfectly. imo the menu and how you navigate the system is much easier than ipods, but i have never been keen on any apple product really. I think a 5th gen with a bigger screen and more support is? what it needed

  22. iammjolnir says:

    No N-Gage? man?

  23. Checkingokop says:

    yes they do, you can actually do the same for deep scratches with rubbing alcohol, since scratch doesnt really corrupt the data, but hinders the reading, alcohol fills the cut and? improves reading of the data.

  24. yugiohgxsmells says:

    no, not at? all

  25. LostEpsilon says:

    only if its one of those unnoticeable scratches anything slightly deeper is not? repairable

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