Review – Microsoft Zune HD, is the Zune dead?

Here is my review / thoughts on the Zune HD guys. It's an excellent music player, possibly the best MP3 player out there. But because of the lack of support …

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25 Responses to Review – Microsoft Zune HD, is the Zune dead?

  1. Rugged Savior says:

    Zune is a great product! Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some songs to? listen to on my Ipo—err Zune.

  2. Phillip Marcinkiewicz says:

    Microsoft should bring Zune? back

  3. Joshua Placencia says:

    Wow, in those days APPLE had the bigger screen. oh,? time have changed

  4. MiningGold365 says:

    Why did it? die?

  5. preston thornton says:

    wow? sad

  6. Justin Winsor says:

    There is actually around 50 of them, and i have all 50 of them. The would’ve? made more but, Apple made better commercials, and better apps. But, a lot of my friends love my zune better than their own ipod.

  7. legniak1 says:

    I don’t want apps for? my mp3 player,I want top quality sound and that’s what it has.

  8. preston thornton says:

    the app? store for the zune hd in the usa has only 6 apps

  9. NerveKong says:

    yes i actually use a tape recorder as an mp3 player when i have a windows 8 laptop and? a galaxy tab 2.

  10. NerveKong says:

    I had a zune hd,my first non-apple music device.Liked it in every? single way,including audiosurf (one app)and the nokia lumia is basically the windows 8 version.
    you can use tape recorders as mp3 players,and the battery on those is fucking hilariously long.

  11. vexx506 says:

    Yes I downloaded Z-player and its pretty good..

    But there are still reasons to get a dedicated media player, namely battery life.. But at this point I’m not sure if it’d be best to get one of these cheap (anything under $150) or just get a separate? android/win7 phone and not give it a monthly payment…

    I’ve been considering doing this with a galaxy note II as a kick-ass media-pda.. But the zune is miles sexier and better quality.. :/

  12. vexx506 says:

    If we’re really being honest.. there is no way these headphones are worse than the? apple ear buds.. these are actually decent, look good and have magnets to connect them.. I think you just got a bad set..

    But besides, a pair of $15 skullcandy’s are awesome..

  13. lolololololollollol1 says:

    What you just posted was? a really ignorant comment.

  14. Wahja Ellington says:

    When your Zune dies just look around for? “Zune Repair” videos on youtube and google. They’re actually easier to work on than Ipods. Either way the Zune or Ipod battery will have to be changed one day.

  15. solarlolax says:

    yeah, thats my point even though the? zune was made just for music and videos..people still want more out of one device,even if its just apps..i guess ppl are fucking retarded :)

  16. solarlolax says:

    i guess bcuz it? doesn’t have a lot of apps..ppl want more out of a device

  17. Hugo Barbosa says:

    that is no an ipod touch 4th gen?

  18. roxaskey1231 says:

    i? miss my zune :/

  19. Knox Seven says:

    I’m 44 and this is the best mp3 player I’ve ever owned for listening to music and watching video. Unfortunetly, Microsoft missed the boat when it came to apps and games, The never fully supported it, despite the Zune’s specs. They were always playing from behind, so it dies quickly. Too bad,? because the Zune/Xbox music pass is the best value for musics $99 for all the music you want. I literally downloaded 8 albums the other day. I still love my Zunehd!

  20. 123legomen says:

    the zune is dead apple did kill it but microsft is being stupid by? making the surface they arnt selling apple is over priced and so far what i would reccomen is the good products or the kindle fire of there cheapness

  21. NerveKong says:

    android and wp7 users made that zunehd screen for a shitload? of android devices so it didnt die out.and the new zune is basically the nokia lumia.

  22. VIEultimate says:

    bitch. this is a good thing. wait, extreme thing. i would? probably choose this over the 4th gen ipod. Tegra Chipset is clearly better than Apple’s A-chipsets.

  23. bob52116 says:

    Apples (company) always? kills everything like they sue the Samsung company.

  24. tayfun abbas says:

    nokia lumia 920 zune i? dont know

  25. ElectronicRatings says:

    Microsoft Zune is literately one of the most unique alternatives to iPod Touch in a good way.. Reason I say this is because if you try typing in iPod Alternatives on Google usually all that comes up is Android MP3 Players.. What if you want iPod and Android alternative? Microsoft Zune… Another? great alternative if you are not into iPod or Android is an Archos 605 WiFi.

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