PATCH 5.4 REVIEW !! (World of Warcraft) (Live Streaming) (Facebook)…

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25 Responses to PATCH 5.4 REVIEW !! (World of Warcraft)

  1. greywolf892 says:

    wow… nice? damage

  2. Teddy Parker says:

    how shitty is needing to? have your original backpack when all your other bags are over (well over) 16 slots… another thing blizz should consider :/

  3. HiddenFate says:

    This? game is over!! Nice…

  4. Thomas Watson says:

    Yes because all those Brand New players start at level 90 right? At the end of the day if WoW does not teach people how to play their class/role in the levelling up process then something is seriously wrong? with the game.

  5. ewitte12 says:

    If you get too many timeless 535 gear your probably going? to proc too much hit. Fortunately I got a good 528 weapin that fixed it a tiny bit.

  6. InsanityGaming says:

    So far im enjoying the patch,? All i do is pvp. so very excited about the arena changes.

  7. Nation of Masturbation says:

    New race? models, now.

  8. hypersniper93 says:

    Well you said everything I’ve wanted to say for a while good work az?

  9. sanityr3voked says:

    This patch is crazy chaotic on a high population pvp server. I can see this losing its steam fast though, but for right now between rares and all the “easter egg hunting” I’m having a blast. Oh and I’m? also enjoying the faction wars that are going down on the island.

  10. HeelvsBabyface says:

    The first step before “Heroic Dungeons” is being able to walk 5 minutes? without falling over and killing yourself. Pass that test.. you’ll be fine..

  11. TheEregos says:

    Proving Grounds is amazing for brand new players.. It is as simple as that.? Why would you not want a thing for someone to do before moving to Heroic Dungeons and then Raids etc.

  12. MulderScully2007 says:

    I love your videos . Keep up the great work. I? am new to your vids and must know where you got that great mount and what it is called. Thank you

  13. Joshua Cook says:

    Dude you’re obviously not that educated In “Learning” so I will explain simple…..Putting yourself in a environment where you’re forced to do something is the best way to learn…..for example the best way for you to learn a different language is by going to that country or a country associated with that? language and diving into there culture…Well I don’t like butt hurts and I’ve been playing since BC craps easier than people think.

  14. MrFrankie4017 says:

    Are? you British?

  15. skywalkerr69 says:

    Love the video. This patch? is a yawn fest. Still not good enough to bring my accounts back. Ill keep my money for now.

  16. Garlicjr Made says:

    took the words out of my mouth about proving grounds…total trash…if it was new people with low levels i would give them a pass on this, but its not even doable till you? are 90? thats laughable

  17. scintards says:


  18. The Man In The Box says:

    how did u get flying jetpack? beginning fo video?>

  19. o0immike0o says:

    i respekt you for your oppinion of the? proing ground, but if u are facerolling through it then its not designed for you, i presonaly havent tryed it out yet and i think im well out of the range aswell but i bet there is ppl out there that is unconfortable by tanking when getting shouted at, and well your point at the “hc’s” are real and at a point i cant die rly and then i think u rly cant improve, and lfr is a joke as we all know:P sry for ranting :D and keep up the good work AZ

  20. DysfunctionalRogue says:

    Thanks, Az! Well structured? and informative as always

  21. banadona says:

    Not saying it isn’t. They are trying to somehow fix the problem with proving grounds but it is in fact fixing it from a totally wrong way? imo. Despite that it is some form of educating people in their specs.

  22. HeelvsBabyface says:

    I would if the pets didn’t eat my face 24/7 !! Seriously it was the toughest thing I have done lol =P?

  23. HeelvsBabyface says:

    If at level 90 you want to tell me you have little understanding of the specs of? your class then the game is broken.

  24. HeelvsBabyface says:

    I’m a Pats fan Alex? don’t worry =D

  25. HeelvsBabyface says:

    Just as well I joined in TBC then. If you haven’t got the balls on a MULTIPLAYER game to play with others and would rather hide in a monastery in the snow like a hermit learning how to kill one mob at level? 90 because that’s going to teach you something, then I recommend to go and buy some Fisher Price kids toys instead because they will most likely be around your IQ level =] PS: I say “Butthurt” and I LOVE IT !!

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