Newegg Product Review – Zune HD Take an up-close look at the new Microsoft Zune HD! Click here to search for Zune HD on Newegg:

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25 Responses to Newegg Product Review – Zune HD

  1. Micheal Caboose says:

    Dude, who the fuck cares what ios it has, all he? is saying is its just a badass piece of technology

  2. PX Educ says:

    I just can’t believe that this product failed. the zune even as old? as it is today is still more attractive than the ipod.

  3. OreoLivesOn says:

    he actually? used the comments that actually fits this video. and people do care

  4. Skip Mi says:

    We? love you newegg but wait i checked your website and you sell soul eater body pillows -____-

  5. Skip Mi says:

    Dose your little zune have? ios 6

  6. Krenar Banushi says:

    i? would

  7. Krenar Banushi says:

    no one? cares

  8. Gregory Perkins says:

    i had a creative zen and i loved the look? and sound quality was amazing but it kept failing after 3 of them i went ipod

  9. TheAverageNerfHerder says:

    I wouldn’t want this for games, just music? and sometimes movies.

  10. Syntactyx says:


  11. MrTpengineer says:

    I know i’m replying to a year old? comment but wtf? Zune Hd now has tons of apps! For what apple is the os is fast at running apps, microsoft could have improved but the 8 core tegra gpu is no joke, alot more powerful then apple’s dual core.

  12. SuckMyGuides says:

    The nanos sound/processing isn’t as good as the? zunes.

  13. ilikepieism says:

    just saw the new ipod? nano… how much is this used again?

  14. MagiclessWizard says:

    Apple is? a money loving company. Everything it has is a more expensive ripoff of another device. The only thing Apple does is put a pretty cover on it and know people will be willing to pay a lot of money for appearance and not functionality.

  15. joey willms says:

    wtf? you have to? pay $15 a month just to use the marketplace? bad marketing strategy microsoft.

  16. the3rdnumber says:

    umm.. “the Zune is great for what it is”. Its not like if the zune was a poor little kid.? Zune is made by people wanting money and if they dont know how to do so consumers will love their products it is their problem. Also apple really did kill it because apple products are made by people loving what they do, not only wanting money.

  17. Ljubisa Metikos says:

    zune had alot of potential i really? liked it but apple killed it. Fortunately windows phone still lives on and i even love it more

  18. UnknownResident says:

    If you guys do not like ios as an operating system, but also like apps and browsing the web, I suggest the Samsung Galaxy player (Runs? off Android) I have had it for a while now, and I love it!

  19. Iyke Gbench says:

    Very little is known? about the Zune in the U.K

  20. Von SkodaK Bauss says:

    What? about the TouchScreen ? Is it Good ? Please answer

  21. Von SkodaK Bauss says:

    ME too… I Want a MP3 player with better? sound quality than the iPod

  22. Anton SM says:

    i liked the fluffy purple cloth?

  23. xSpectrumGaming says:

    A 32 GB Zune Hd at best buy is? 200.

  24. xSpectrumGaming says:

    The 64 GB? costs $400.

  25. xSpectrumGaming says:

    It’s 14 dollars for unlimited music and 10 songs you get to keep.?

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