New iPod touch 4G Rumors

Aycardo10 made this video on New iPod touch 4G Rumors and what is going around one the Internet and what we might see coming to the New iPod touch 4G Click below to Watch this Video in HD: Click below to “Tweet this Video” Click the link below to keep updated with daily Apple and Android rumors @ Follow me on twitter @ And add me on our Facebook Fan Page @
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25 Responses to New iPod touch 4G Rumors

  1. moneyguy258 says:

    Jus in case u guys didnt notice but the news on Apple that was on MSN They said tht Apple Ipods are going out of business and its the end of the ipod era! im not lieing at all bc all ppl r buying is ipod touch iphone and ipads hopefully the ipod touch will still be alive but all i no is tht the rest of the ipods r going out bc they dnt do nth special like the other things do all they do is play music generally. So all is left the The Touch family like the ipod touch, iphone, and ipad.

  2. SM71794 says:

    I really think it would be a horrible idea to have only one camera on the front only for gaming, if its only one camera it should suit more than just gaming.

  3. lilblackfish2009 says:

    ipod touch games suck fuckin 3rd party games.

  4. canada349 says:

    camera makes sence

  5. filipinoboy510 says:

    @GXbest ofr face time games something like that

  6. GXbest says:

    why the hell would they put the camera in the front? o_O

  7. daheartless says:

    I just dropped my itouch into the water today too -.-! ….. Hopefully the itouch 4G comes soon

  8. bata97 says:

    0:01 today 0:05 today 0:15 today

  9. aycardo10 says:

    @chadewatson Y it’s kinda hard when you have like 8 pages of paper. But thanks for the comment.

  10. chadewatson says:

    put the card next to the camera

  11. mrmp3guy says:

    loock at us more

  12. zezzima792 says:


  13. poluiso says:


  14. urban1994 says:

    reading noob :p

  15. lightbulb1212 says:

    @aycardo10 how the heck does all replace i’ll?

  16. HighlightsOfSoccer says:

    very good rumors, none of these could be true….becuase APPLE needs to make money, and they keep going in order with there processors and putting a camera and all that,……the first ever ipod touch they made, they could have putted a camera on it, they said no becuase, so ppl would buy that and year later make one with a camera or something…thats the idea

  17. googlygooglyeyes1 says:

    @aycardo10 good point.

  18. isaiaherlag says:

    ur hela reading from one of those cue cameras hahahahah

  19. aycardo10 says:

    @CJFilmz Ya but if I edit it then its wouldn’t hav turned out as good, bucause it would look Skippy because of the thing moving in the back ground but all keep it in mind next time. Thanks.

  20. CJFilmz says:

    good job but remember you dont have to say this all at once and you can edit it

  21. aycardo10 says:

    @strickmans Well I just might go on Ustream some time this week, hint, hint. But all keep all of my viewers and followers updated.

  22. aycardo10 says:

    @googlygooglyeyes1 Ya I know, but its hard to remember every thing I read on the poster board I made but below the camera.

  23. googlygooglyeyes1 says:

    you keep looking away from the camera? lol

  24. iPhoneAppsRECENSERAD says:

    I don’t think it will have camera. Since the iPhone is more expensive, they want to sell it more than iPod Touch, and they will absolutely buy the ipod rather than iphone

  25. Nailgirl4real says:

    @MrCF545 mine is september 3rd… lol, but i don’t want the 4g, i already have 4 cameras in my house… i don’t need another one system with a camera on/in it

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