MS Paint – Apple iPod

Ahh the irony! My first attempt to paint something realistic in MS Paint (in fact my first attempt to paint ANYTHING in ms paint) a black 5.5g iPod. Actual time 40 minutes sped up to 6 minutes(sorry for the break in between.. my disk became full and i had to clear it up)

[eba kw=”ipod” num=”1″ ebcat=””]

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25 Responses to MS Paint – Apple iPod

  1. Tracker4063 says:

    clever idea using spray? paint tool to make a blur/fuse effect gr8 vid

  2. millieella123 says:


  3. heyhelloallpeople says:


  4. UnicornOfTheInternet says:

    Always -? Suburbia

  5. dug2112 says:

    Is this just paint? Like the regular old paint program that comes on windows??

  6. Miister00 says:

    i miss the? old Ms paint :(

  7. AdvancingGameboy says:

    check out my itunes? code generator

  8. bobby1155productions says:

    Awsome man! I giveing? a thums up!

  9. Supsquadoo123 says:

    Love the? pic best yet

  10. TehHax0rPieGuy says:

    NICE! That was beautiful! Make? an ms paint tutorial :p

  11. flames971 says:

    If Apple needs a Logo you make? it :-)

  12. BananaGirl1345 says:

    Whats? the 2nd song

  13. hensoncl6 says:

    “TuberOldenburg”-lol, I got this iPad2 very last week, it is possible to see it right here: bit.lyv39FiC?

  14. mageensf says:

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  15. rhettazft says:

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  16. rhettazft says:

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  17. TheApplemaster123 says:


  18. Belking92 says:

    God? Wills

  19. Matthes Praeger says:

    Ok with PowerPoint its Easy? but with paint?! Wow…

  20. hot2o8 says:

    ???iPod? Touch 32GB??????????????????

  21. DerGraf1997 says:

    awesome? work

  22. wateronthemoon09 says:

    awsome i? love ms paint, better than what i can do

  23. xCheatFire9023 says:

    I am soo subscribing to? this person

  24. ahmad1133 says:

    not bad for doing? it on paint ..excellent actually ..

  25. RorschachFrank says:

    Mates can someone tell me with personal? message how can i do a fast video like in this video?I’m using HyperCam2 but it’s recording with actual time if video took 50 minutes,video been creating with 55 minutes how can i speed up my videos? (Sorry for my English i hope you understand me…)

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