Microsoft Zune 120GB Review

A review of the Microsoft Zune 120GB and some of the basic features.

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10 Responses to Microsoft Zune 120GB Review

  1. Jordey Kepel says:

    1: charge it
    2: there is a slide button on the top make sure it green
    3: press de button? on the front, in the middle

  2. ?? ? says:

    I have zune? player gear of war edition.
    but i dont know how to start this device.
    let me know how to use it

  3. Dan Mutilation says:

    Hi, I’m? trying to sell one of these. Same color, 120GB, near mint aside from a few scratches. Can I have an estimated resale price?

  4. Charly Mtz P says:

    no, I mean, look inside the? music device.
    thanks anyway

  5. Charly Mtz P says:

    thanks, hey how find music in zune??? ñ.ñ

  6. hiro gurung says:

    thank u fren i have subscribed ur video nice …. make more video in future thank? ^_^

  7. hiro gurung says:

    does zune 120 also crash like ipod classic but fren i am not a window user i am? apple user i have macbook it means i have to go for ipod classic fren give some idea

  8. hiro gurung says:

    can u help me plz i am in stuck which one i should buy ipod classic 160gb some say ipod classic will crack ??? or i have to go with zune 120gb plz reply thank? u

  9. hyperliteBo says:

    One Question though, can you drag and drop files? like a creative or do you have to sync it like an Ipod? Thanx ! Good review :p

  10. hyperliteBo says:

    Damm, FINALLY a good? Ipod alternative :p

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