Memorable Moments: THE PLAYERS

Through the years THE PLAYERS boasts an impressive list of past champions, including inaugural winner Jerry Pate, Greg Norman, Fred Couples, Mark McCumber, David Duval, Fred Funk, Hal Sutton, and Craig Perks. For full coverage of the 2009 PLAYERS Championship, visit PGATOUR.COM.

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13 Responses to Memorable Moments: THE PLAYERS

  1. dabombdropper123 says:


  2. CiaranRooney125 says:


  3. DEhockey75 says:

    i´m so happy for Duval and McCumber from 3:27 and Funk

  4. DEhockey75 says:

    i´m so happy for Duval and McCumber from 3:27

  5. cricketmad27 says:

    Craig Perks 3 holes 1 putt

  6. roquey44 says:

    Great quote Hal.
    “Be the right club. Be the right club to-day.”

  7. miggy25 says:

    great vid….loved seeing Fred Funk hole that last put to win in 2005

  8. Michael10659 says:

    A video for the TRUE golf fan! Great job taking down memory lane. Some things just get better with age (and it ain’t me I’m telling ya).

  9. gcflames33 says:

    great video

  10. gamejr84 says:

    lLOL me too i was lookin 4 the anouncer too though member?… YES SIR!

  11. jebakerphd says:

    Thanks to whoever posted this video. I wanted to hear Hal Sutton say again “Be the right club TODAY”.

  12. adamberk07 says:

    amazing video

  13. jlunch says:

    Wow, great video, thanks for posting.

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