Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins

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25 Responses to Leeroy Jenkins

  1. Manny Festo says:

    what does? he say before “Lets do this” ?..

  2. thebigjay426 says:


  3. heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy says:

    WOW for poffs , you nerds need to get a life lol!?

  4. MrClamps14 says:

    ur notin butt a gei? kid with no $wag shut up plz and ty

  5. jonoilovecars says:

    Still a better love story then? twlight

  6. epicguitarsolo says:

    And thus, the great Leeroy was indirectly responsible for the ? millions of face pulls that occurred after this video was posted. may his legend live on.

  7. thebigjay426 says:


  8. MrClamps14 says:

    HOW IS IT SO? COOL?!?! i dont get it?

  9. MrClamps14 says:

    NO man, did you hear about the guy who made that kite that went to space? holy shit? :P

  10. thebigjay426 says:

    You? contradicted yourself.

  11. Vecilias says:


  12. firewolf11567 says:

    No, but to be serious, to know such trivial information that should be learned by someone from that area does not make them a nerd at all. I personally don’t like WoW, but calling people that do is? like calling someone a moron because they like sports or calling a person like you a loser for being a loser. <3

  13. firewolf11567 says:

    Thank you! I take? being called a nerd as a compliment. It simply means I’m smart. <3

  14. ozzy penetrator says:

    And so a legend? was born!!

  15. sarge648 says:

    This will be funny until? the day I die!

  16. Nukos Mananquil says:

    Its 2012 and still that funny after all those years?

  17. thebigjay426 says:


  18. firewolf11567 says:

    No, not at all, it is my first actually. I was simply fucking around. You know, screw with you psychologically since you have such a biased mind set. As for “an hero” it is a meme based on a memorial page for a kid who killed himself on facebook and one? of the comments repeatedly said he was “an” hero for killing himself. She was not trying to troll either, this was years ago, if anything she was trying to make herself justify his suicide. In layman’s terms, I’m telling you to kill yourself.

  19. thebigjay426 says:

    You really need to work on your grammar. Is english? your 2nd language?

  20. firewolf11567 says:

    lol, go an? hero like Leeroy.

  21. jbeezy04 says:

    What a? bunch of nerds!

  22. jbeezy04 says:


  23. thebigjay426 says:

    Ok Wolfgang Amadeus? Brozart.

  24. thebigjay426 says:

    I’m not mad, but kinda sound? like you are. And if I wanted to play it I could afford it.

  25. tom420ist says:

    POWERFUL! Leeroy Jenkins?

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