iPod Touch (Gen 5) Teardown Review

*Re-uploaded to correct some factual issues* Apple's secret release of the 5th Generation iPod Touch yesterday was like a ninja attack: silent, swift, and unexpected. But we always have our spudgers at the ready and we quickly got the Touch to spill its glorious gadget guts. We had high hopes for this iPod, in terms of repairability, considering that the recently launched iPhone 5 is the most repairable iPhone yet. Here's the abridged version of our discoveries: *Apple used adhesive AND retaining clips to seal the 5th generation iPod Touch shut, making it a pain to even open up the device. *The battery is soldered to the logic board. *Many components are soldered together, making replacing a single component impossible tricky, if not impossible, for average folks. The 5th generation iPod Touch scored a disappointing 3/10 on the repairability scale. Link to the complete teardown: www.ifixit.com Follow iFixit on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like iFixit on Facebook: www.facebook.com

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25 Responses to iPod Touch (Gen 5) Teardown Review

  1. megahozer13 says:

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  2. TheFocalPrice says:

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  3. Hemesh Patel says:

    When cracking open new Mac and Mac Pro and also iPad mini can’t wetting u? r voice

  4. lidz305 says:

    So negative ;( I really wanted a 5th gen but ur review stuffed my? hopes up

  5. TheMasterofPi says:

    to bad that the ipod 5 is really hard to disassemble and if they have a weaker home button then people are? going to need to do that more to replace it.

  6. theREALvideospot says:

    Geez thanks? for lightening my mood for getting a new ipod.

  7. Ty4ons says:

    Won’t be that bad. I’m not the heaviest user in the world,? but the battery in my first gen (feb 2008) iPod Touch still works just fine. Five years of regular use with an MP3player, phone or laptop (if the battery is kept at room temp or colder) should bring a regular down to 80% capacity which is still fine for most users.

    I’m not making an excuse for Apple, but the biggest issue I have now is no Apps (iOS3) and sluggish performance (some mobile webpages flat out crash Safari), not the battery.

  8. StukaUK says:

    The word solder is not pronounced with a? silent L….. Break it up into Sold and Er and you’re there….. As MJ says it is sounds like? a verb for Sodomy.

  9. Hemesh Patel says:

    Can? u tell how iPod nano repair

  10. Jabari Richardson says:

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  11. trickstyle48 says:

    I already replied saying? that I was wrong… I merely got confused.

  12. voltagehz says:

    Ummmm, no.? That is downright silly. Please stop spreading misinformation.

  13. pmontanarella says:

    Awesome video!?

  14. Sherif Moharram says:

    This? comment made my day!

  15. larrydav1d says:

    This should be scored a 1 as I’m sure nothing? is as hard to repair as this nowadays.

  16. Chris Adams says:

    why does people think apple wants it to be ez to tear down they want to make? as hard as possible so you have to buy a new one …….c’mon guys

  17. voltagehz says:

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  18. thanhtaivtt says:

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  19. trickstyle48 says:

    I realised that a chraging cycle is something to be done once a month… So I’ve fooled myself and others who read my comment,? forgive me? :(

  20. crazymilan93 says:

    so you charge? your ipod multiple times a day?

  21. SoundGuyDavo says:

    sry MJ I was just? kidding

  22. expresshonor says:

    lol? pickle

  23. TheLilFlower18 says:

    so i can buy it i need it for my bday on 18th october? !

  24. Fahim Fahhad says:

    lmao mj and her talk … so? funny …..

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