iPod Touch 5G – Temple Run 2 – Review – Gameplay – HD

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25 Responses to iPod Touch 5G – Temple Run 2 – Review – Gameplay – HD

  1. oode says:

    maybe try clearing out your open? apps before playing

  2. XxJordanBrand23xX says:

    on? temple run 2

  3. XxJordanBrand23xX says:

    My Ipod touch 4g Lag to much? for me

  4. GREsailor sailor says:

    good? video

  5. Hiferj2 says:

    its work so? fucking slow

  6. oode says:

    i guess so , i mean you can always wait? for the next best thing

  7. GaiahEarth says:

    Hm hey i chose a dual core android phone with 512 mb of ram like the ipod touch 5g. The reason why i bought the phone because its cheaper about 100 bucks and the ipod has only 512ram thats why. Im gonna wait in 2014 for the next? gen and it will have 1gb ram. So did i make the right decission oode??

  8. bradleyrules09 says:

    oh ok? thanks

  9. oode says:

    hm, well the main difference is the screen size..? so it really depends on that .. other than that though both are pretty good at gaming.. ipad mini doesnt have a retina display though

  10. bradleyrules09 says:

    What you reccomend for gaming? Ipad mini or the ipod touch? 5g?

  11. oode says:

    hm… good question . £250 .. it isnt cheap .. but its fast? , plays all the latest games , great music player

  12. bradleyrules09 says:

    Is? it really worth all the money?

  13. oode says:

    5g is where its? at

  14. bradleyrules09 says:

    Im? getting a 5g now :D i dont like my 4g too laggy on every single game..

  15. oode says:

    i can ssay with confidence . that my? 5g handles temple run perfectly

  16. bradleyrules09 says:

    i might get a ipod touch 5g, the ipod touch 4g lags to much on temple run 2 for me? :(

  17. oode says:

    yes,? due to the commentary

  18. HENRY1502inc says:

    Are you allowed to? record gameplay of you playing it

  19. oode says:

    you mean always the same point , where? abouts ?

  20. Jan Trafalski says:

    oode temple run 2 regullary stop on one? moment. Is it normal?

  21. oode says:

    yea, iv been? playing it oon my 5g, getting slowly more addicted lol

  22. TechieTy94 says:

    Downloaded this on my iPod 5th gen (Product Red :D) last night. Much better? than the original.

  23. oode says:

    Yea , sounds like a good bet, theres no point in having the ipad4 if your worried to take it out , dont? let the gadgets own you ;-)

  24. gamevideodood says:

    Im really looking into selling it for around 450 on ebay whichll? end up being around 400 when im done ive got 50 saved in my piggy bank so I should be able to get the ipod touch 5g and a nice case

  25. oode says:

    oh screw it then, its not worth it if your literally just using it for? Siri, get rid of it and get an ipad mini, its cheaper and still has Siri, or an ipod 5g

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