iPod Touch 5G (5th Generation) Review

Hey, everyone. Due to request, here's a short look at the new iPod Touch 5G, with sound. It's far from perfect, so before bashing me, please note that I'm neither a native English speaker or a professional reviewer, thanks. For the things I missed, like the camera's panorama feature, please wait for a proper review from the techblogs, or if I post one later today. For more about Japan, please visit my blog: letstokyo.blogspot.jp

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25 Responses to iPod Touch 5G (5th Generation) Review

  1. MrGimli2 says:

    meh im sticking with my 4g i dont want to spend 300? again…

  2. iRandomDevice says:

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  3. Kendall North says:

    WOOO! Me too!!!!?

  4. sanvitopapa says:

    does it have internet everywear?

  5. itsClumzyGuy says:

    Xmas-Im? getting black/slate 32GB model and im also getting a speck candyshell case, Great review!

  6. Linda Š. Lea P. says:

    this is my? xmas gift(blue color)

  7. Starshipspilexx says:

    WOOOOOOOO! I’m getting this for Xmas and I love? everybody right now too!!!!!!!!

  8. roblou62 says:

    Thanks for this review it helped me a? lot. Hey, your camera work and narration of this review was EXCELLENT. I wish I spoke another language as flawlessly. If someone bashes you they are nuts. Again, thanks.

  9. 2dahiphop says:

    It looks so sexy in black, I can’t? wait to get mine this month. I gotta do it before this Christmas shopping gets hectic though.

  10. EnchantedMystery1 says:

    It does.?

  11. ali karim says:


  12. ali karim says:


  13. Johnjohn4517 says:

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  14. Doom Dragon says:

    that? sucks

  15. EnchantedMystery1 says:

    :( I just got? the ipod touch 4 generation yesterday!

  16. SilentKnight1000 says:

    getting this? tomorrow xD

  17. DJAutoOfficial says:

    You will not even? get a virus. It will just take away your time for nothing.

  18. MultiDukeman says:

    can? anyone say FAKE!

  19. jkteddy77 says:

    I have enough to purchase either an iphone 4 (not a 4s and? no 3g or 4g) or and ipod touch 5. I currently have an original ipod touch 4 from their first release, but running ios6, its starting to slow down and show its age. Leaning towards ipod 5 now.

  20. Chuck Norris Jr. says:

    holy shit youve? got ALOT of apps…

  21. iRandomDevice says:


  22. iRandomDevice says:

    If you guys are interested in getting a free iPad? Mini or iPod Touch 5G, I just opened up a giveaway, so your chances? of winning are pretty high. Check it? out! /watch?v=bK7kbR1nTLc

  23. Pezzheads says:

    I like how the new ipod screen is? so tall, you have to tilt it sideways to film it!

  24. pablogonzalezpg90 says:

    Im getting it? for christmas i cant wait!

  25. Rickyking115 says:

    Apple devices never change style, all of them are like a refurbished design of the last, just with a different look, this? is one of the many reasons I changed to android, APPLE SUUUUCKSS!

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