iPod Touch 4th Gen Screen Repair Replace Glass on 4th Generation Cracked LCD Screen

VIEW UPDATED VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XydgWi3Qp0c A step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the front glass, digitizer & LCD Screen assemb…

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24 Responses to iPod Touch 4th Gen Screen Repair Replace Glass on 4th Generation Cracked LCD Screen

  1. jcmuscarello says:

    I did everything on? here,however the screen lights up but no touchscreen controls work. (Can`t slide to unlock ) Something wrong?

  2. Spironic says:

    Do you need to put the metal? housing bit for the rear-facing camera back on before you put the large metal insert back on? Cause I just finished putting all the screws back in only to realize the metal housing for the camera won’t reinstall properly. You never mention putting it back on in the video…

  3. Balteg Gill says:

    I’m going to apple to complicated for me cause I’m? terrified to do tjhis

  4. Alex Febo says:

    Holy? crap what a nightmare!!!

  5. Fishezonfire says:

    I’m terrified to do? this myself :/

  6. alex urquizo says:

    i fu*k? the volume thing…………:(

  7. onilink422 says:

    First, you mean? “too,” also there is a reply button for a reason.

  8. Keegan Gleason says:

    Me? to : ]

  9. appleman2019 says:

    I’m watching this on my ipod.?

  10. Coolgirl628658 says:

    The freaking ad was so scary!!!/).( it was like a demon for five seconds screaming i know your a brat dont skip it dont skip it! I had headphones in and i did skip it? thumbs up if u got that ad too

  11. Donald Amoussou says:

    Thank you. I was able to do? it.

  12. Sabinne Romo says:

    wow mine was not like that but I went to fashion valley and theres a store called irepair and there they fix your ipod screen for 75 bucks but I there and they did its awesome you guys should do that if not then go to? the apple store and there they give you an ipod touch but you have to buy it for 108 dollars so yea that’s the point!

  13. TheNaasboy says:

    ur a? fucking retard wayyy bitch

  14. MrMytube1016 says:

    @HumanHeartful than youre? apperently fucked

  15. HumanHeartful says:

    And if it? still doesn’t work?

  16. Elliot Shiver says:

    its not his? fault you don’t know what you are doing.

  17. alejandro pacheco says:

    where do i? get? screen REPly

  18. Drew Montgomery says:

    i? hate u now my ipod is in peices

  19. MrMytube1016 says:

    Hold down? the home button and the power button at the same time till the apple symbol appears to fix the problem. If that didnt work than hold the up volume button too.

  20. fishbot12 says:

    ive put the new screen on and plugged in all the? cables but when i switch it on its just a white screen?

  21. krum03 says:

    how do i change out the home button? also how do i make it fast again,? its sooooo slow

  22. alejandro pacheco says:

    where? do i get screen

  23. NickyMoon13 says:

    i did? everything as you said. and the screen works fine everything. except that the colors of the screen doesnt work well. its really light, you can barely see. and on the left side of the screen there are stripes of colors on the screen when i turn it on. i cannot see anything on that side. please help :( what should i do?

  24. Didsuk says:

    You have not plugged the screen wire in properly, press it down and restart the ipod by holding the power and? home keys together for 10 seconds

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