iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review

My Complete High Definition Unboxing and Review video of the new 4G 4th Generation Apple iPod Touch! This new 4G iPod Touch features a new 960 x 640 display, custom A4 processor, front facing camera, Facetime, 720p HD Video Recording and more. Will these new features be worth the price? Watch to find out, and be sure to Subscribe! Follow me on Twitter for live updates and news at: twitter.com iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review

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25 Responses to iPod Touch 4G Unboxing and Review

  1. amsproductions1000 says:

    i? just noticed the back ground music i love it

  2. Mario1370 says:

    I’m getting the? new 5th Gen :D

  3. chrysmania says:

    In my opinion it better than the iPod touch 5th gen, i am pissed off because i bought mine for my birthday which was this July and i hear iPod touch 5th is coming? out, so pissed off.

  4. mismag0821 says:

    Definetly get the itouch i got one and i? have had no problems with it

  5. steven santana says:

    i have a choice between the iphone and the ipod i chose the ipod becouse? you dont have to pay for internet or nothin

  6. sanchezclara87 says:

    You rock? :)

  7. Thyplosion2themax says:

    should i get a ipod touch for christmas or should? i not

  8. Deadlydoofus says:


  9. Rudy Mercado says:

    Yes you can call on ipod if you download an app sorry? forgot name

  10. ArshRider says:

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  11. SMDpeps says:

    got? mine on the release date and it’s still good ^^

  12. Uman nol satu says:

    Thanks for information (:?

  13. Deadlydoofus says:

    Nahh, I’m watching it in 2012? on my Laptop. :L

  14. BPRimShotSnare says:

    alright, thanks?

  15. Deadlydoofus says:

    You can’t call on Ipod, only Iphone.?

  16. Deadlydoofus says:

    Just download it from the? AppStore.

  17. cheezo545 says:

    no charger 0_o how do you charge? please forgive my noobness? XD

  18. chuckielong1 says:

    am prob just gonna? buy a refrib one just cuz it from apple so it shouldn’t be dat bad and it much much much more cheaper

  19. EMalkin71luver says:

    Nope 4000 B.C.? lol

  20. MoneyPassesForYou says:

    If you want to get some extra cash try this out.
    1.? Download the free app “App Trailers” on your ipod/iphone or? android device.
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  21. afgankidd00 says:

    if the ipod touch is running version ios 6 it wont have the youtube app because since youtube is owned by google (which are apples enemies) apple took it out of all the iphones/ipads/ipod touchs ONLY IF they are running ios 6, but you can just download the youtube app from the app store which is better than the app that was originally on apples products, or you can use safaris youtube.? hope that helped!

  22. BPRimShotSnare says:

    i just bought a ipod 4g from? my friend an it doesn’t have the youtube thing on it, can anyone answer that please?

  23. chaomaster100 says:

    I’m watching? in 2012 B.C. on my iStone 4.

  24. darling babez says:

    can you call or message on ipod?

  25. neb7851 says:

    what? happened to him? why is he not making any vids

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