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  1. ShagarathTheGreat says:

    You are actually retarded if? you think they aren’t emo bullshit.

  2. MagicMan54320 says:

    Dude, you? are easily the most retarded person I’ve ever met. Including the actual mentally challenged people. -_-

  3. tgguitarguy says:

    can you just make a? music video for the song at 3:43. It’s the best one here

  4. ShagarathTheGreat says:

    No, that band is complete emo bullshit. The song wasn’t even made by them i’ve done my research, they did not make the song they HIRED? other people to work a music program to make the song. They weren’t behind it, anyone who thinks they AREN’T whiny emo bullshit is ignorant and idiotic.

  5. MagicMan54320 says:

    It is just a regular song. Anyone who thinks it’s “emo crap” is ignorant and idiotic. All it is,? is music.

  6. ShagarathTheGreat says:

    God? damnit, really? It’s emo crap? Wow…wish that was just a regular song.

  7. MagicMan54320 says:

    Interlude by Attack Attack. They made up their own dance? for it which is much better than the actual interlude dance.

  8. WeezFree says:

    at 5:29? u guys were just trying to get some ass. Admit it!

  9. ShagarathTheGreat says:

    What’s the song that starts at 3:52??

  10. ShagarathTheGreat says:

    Fuck yea basshunter!!!!!?

  11. Cdufish58 says:

    the elevator was an ace seine i bout? lost it

  12. awwwClan says:

    the one in? the elevator was the BEST

  13. awwwClan says:


  14. musicobsession9284 says:

    just some guys? dancing around in random places… and everyone is okay with it lol

  15. jeblan amaru says:

    1;05 hhahahaha?

  16. edgarian horus says:

    santa dancing? in elevator was the best moment :DD

  17. Chiken1012 says:

    I think? justin is is the santa suit

  18. SattoOoOmi says:

    i didnt want this? video to end

  19. SlippyRamen says:

    When the group is in the? mall, how are all those parents going to explain two santas to their kids?

  20. GameingGod93 says:

    best part is 3:34

  21. Destroymaster100 says:

    is that? tristan barker?

  22. Destroymaster100 says:

    who are these guys? these arent? the orginal guys right? like jacob andrew and the other one?

  23. mrspiderpig823 says:

    3:15 santas jiggling in the? elavator

  24. gldkah says:

    LOL come on how can you not laugh!?

  25. MorbidReligion says:

    You guys should do a? worldwide walmart tour

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