iPod shuffle 4th Generation (Review)

The new iPod shuffle 4th Generation / 4G / 2010. New to the iPod shuffle is VoiceOver and support for playlists. Returning to the Shuffle are on-board controls. The new iPod shuffle comes in five colors are retails for $49.

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25 Responses to iPod shuffle 4th Generation (Review)

  1. imaUFO672 says:

    in my? place ipod touch costs 140 euro….

  2. devmistry47 says:

    i? prefer ipod nano 8g one because it has more space on it and its touch bad thing is that its expensive

  3. yuushac abdi says:

    lol youll? lose it so fukin small

  4. hostilityy says:

    ok go but it and see how much it lasts lmfao?

  5. hostilityy says:

    really ?? dafuq ?

  6. Ben Denzler says:

    Move? to America.

  7. Sparky6string says:

    Yes this one is a winner actually. ? To get to the song you want you switch to the playlist that has the song you want the skip to it. That can be fast if you have specific playlists. The Shuffle feature has been around along time but with an Ipod it reminds me of a radio station that plays all my favorite music without commercials. It’s friggen great!

  8. faakid says:

    Go? over each song…

  9. QDaeMaestro says:

    Yeah you just? take off a song and then you can put one on.

  10. SuperJuicyStar123 says:

    and about how long? do u have to recharge?

  11. SuperJuicyStar123 says:

    wait.. so if you? dont have space for a new song can you cancel out one song then fill it in with the new one?

  12. bland9876 says:

    This is a ripoff first? indication is that there is no screen I can get a 2 gig mp3 with screen for $20

  13. justabystander94 says:

    I have this iPod and let me say this for only 40 pounds, it’s worth every penny. It’s so simple to use; just plug it in and sync.? Perfect for casual strolls, and what’s more, there’s no need to fuss over scratch marks or smudges, which I have found a fault with all the other iPods I’ve had. A very good buy.

  14. mauroissexy says:

    em portugal é 50 euros? ahahahahah

  15. Kavin W says:

    Great? review, thanks

  16. gabriel69778 says:

    here? in kansas:45$

  17. Eleanor Isaac says:

    £40 in the UK?

  18. iced4life3 says:

    you can lock the ipod shuffle by hold the play/pause button so that none of the buttons function? (hold the play/pause button to unlock it as well).

  19. LegoTornado123 says:

    thanks,cuz im gettin 1 for my birthday?

  20. killerwalnuts says:

    yikes, that kind of? defeats the purpose :)

  21. gadgets123456789 says:

    240 is just a guess it also dipends on how long and complex or simple ur songs are that you put on the shuffle.? apple will have evaluated the average song at so many megabytes and then guestimated to how many you can get on 1GB

  22. Lewis Garbutt says:

    in uk now its £37 at argos and i have got the sliver one because? on the other colours the colour wares off and on the silver it does not because it is silver underneth it…

  23. joey thomas says:

    sucks to? be you bro

  24. ?uboš Rybanský says:

    yea… :D I have 2nd gen and it is 1GB and says 240 songs… I have 113 and? it is totally full :D

  25. Iamachubbyninja says:

    Thank you SOOO much for helping me im about to get my new ipod shuffle and i am 12 so? i was wondering if its worth it and to my paspective it is!

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